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Jodi Arias Continues To Cash In From Behind Bars

As days turn into weeks, and then into months as we wait for word on a start date for the much-anticipated penalty phase re trial of convicted killer Jodi Arias, she continues to orchestrate her online ventures from Sheriff Joe's Estrella Jail.  While the public information officers and jail officials continue to deny that they can stem the flow of "personal property" out of Arias' cell to the hands of her visitors, I seriously doubt this is something they couldn't better manage!

Although Jodi Arias has taken to Twitter and her online book club website that features a Twitter feed, recent comments posted by the felon evidence her activities - how much more evident does this need to become before they put an end to it?  She's convicted now, and as such she should not be allowed to profit from her new found notoriety.  She's been actively tweeting about her limited edition prints:

Oct 29:   "Angel" is now available at

Oct 31:   At this time, I won't be offering limited edition prints of "Angel"

Oct 29:   If you pre-ordered a limited edition print of "Sailing at Sunset", shipping has begun.

Oct 23rd:  Donations are now being accepted for my appeals at .......

Come on now, Sheriff Joe and posse. Make it stop! You CAN stop her from releasing personal property - knowing full well that it is being sold for Jodi Arias' profit. Doesn't matter if she's using it for her "appeal" or her family's travel expenses - it's wrong. Shame on you for allowing this to continue. There, I said it.

It seems that Jodi Arias now sees herself as the self-anointed spokeswoman for inmate rights as well:

Nov 12:   The ACLU of AZ stopped by today to ask the women if they are receiving adequate medical care.  Note to Jodi Arias:  did you even have medical coverage through prior employment when you were out in the free world?  Many people work and still don't have medical care!

Yes, I'm completely cranky over these comments made by Jodi Arias.  She is complaining about things she's actually lucky to have in these hard economic times. AND she is bilking the public out of cash for her commissary account, family travel expenses - and I've yet to see her allocate one red cent of said proceeds to pay back the taxpayers who are footing the bill for her current defense.  Jodi Arias lost her right to free enterprise the day she was convicted of murder. I think it's telling to note that Arias' previously photography business didn't appear to be providing her with enough income to live on her own and she did not sell "artwork" prior to her incarceration. Therefore, any proceeds are directly and forever tied to her crime.

Other recent tweets are about Former President Jimmy Carter's call for a fresh moratorium on the death penalty, and her belief that her trial is a prime example of one where a jury should be sequestered. Both self-serving comments.  The last tweet I will note from Arias came on Nov 20, when she recited her horoscope:  "What seems unjust in the moment may be absolutely perfect in the large-scale scoring system of the universe". What I get out of that nugget is that she feels her guilty verdict and incarceration is unjust. Get real!  Still embracing the victim role.

While I patiently wait for the re trial, I also look forward to the day that jail officials put their collective foot down on Jodi Arias - no more art sales period. While they may be unable to stop people from contributing to her commissary fund, I'll never believe they can't control what she gives to visitors at their jail. Their staff should be checking visitors as they leave, and anything that could end up being sold for her profit should not be allowed to leave the Estrella jail - period.  

Below, I've copied and pasted the most recent entries relating to this case from the Maricopa County Criminal Court website. I'd love to see the transcription of that 10/24/13 settlement conference.

11/22/2013 023 - ME: Order Entered By Court - Party (001) 11/22/2013  
11/15/2013 023 - ME: Order Entered By Court - Party (001) 11/15/2013  
11/15/2013 022 - ME: Order Signed - Party (001) 11/15/2013  
11/15/2013 018 - ME: Findings Of Fact And Conclusion Of Law - Party (001) 11/15/2013  
11/15/2013 023 - ME: Order Entered By Court - Party (001) 11/15/2013  
11/6/2013 005 - ME: Hearing - Party (001) 11/6/2013  
10/31/2013 SDO - Order to Seal Documents - Party (001) 11/6/2013  
10/30/2013 021 - ME: Nunc Pro Tunc Order - Party (001) 10/30/2013  
10/25/2013 PPM – Pro Per Motion/Notice/Mail - Party (001) 10/28/2013 Defendant (2)  
10/24/2013 SDO - Order to Seal Documents - Party (001) 11/6/2013  
10/22/2013 REQ - Request - Party (001) 10/22/2013  

The Jodi Arias case was featured recently on 20/20, I'm sure we will be seeing and hearing about this tragic story for years, or decades to come.  For now, it's like reading a book with the last chapter left unwritten.  We'll have to wait to see how it all ends.  I for one, will be waiting and watching when it all resumes!

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