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Is Jodi Arias Making More Behind Bars Than She Did On The Outside?

In another sickening revelation, it appears accused murderer Jodi Arias' art work is selling so well that she has announced on her website that "100 Limited Edition Reprints" a sketch called "Hourless" is coming soon. Is this a disgusting display of pure greed, or has Jodi Arias finally found the success from behind bars that alluded her as a free woman?  It has been reported that eBay banned the sales of Arias artwork after several pieces sold caused public outrage, but Arias who has taken to Twitter said that the eBay ban has only increased the value of her art! According to her website, authenticity of true Arias artwork comes via her right thumbprint. Seems her left palmprint is what started this whole thing Ms. Arias.

I'm sure the Alexander family is more concerned with getting through the criminal murder trial before pursing a potential wrongful death case against Jodi Arias, but I hope they eventually do. Arias has shown she does have some artistic talents - however, we all know she would not be fetching a reported $2,000 - $3,000 per piece if NOT for the notoriety of her savage crime. Arias has been able to effectly get around her lack of computer access by having a friend or supporter run her website, which I refuse to name in this post. It's not hard to find, but I wouldn't honor it with another page views. The site links to the other Arias supporter website but both accept donations!

If there is nothing that legally prevent Arias from profiting from her crime while behind bars, what can we as a society do to thwart the shameless greed? All we can do is boycott anything Arias related and limit the buyers to those who collect "murderabilia" and the like. While the Alexander siblings suffer, Arias who claimed to be selling her sketches to help pay her family's travel expenses during the trial - has just become outright greedy. While the taxpayers are footing the bill for a $1.4 million dollar trial for Arias, she is making thousands of (unreported) dollars through art sales and other online donations?  I.R.S., are you hearing this? Unreported income.

I don't know what else to say. I'm sickened, I'm saddened and I wish the jury were privy to the shameless profiteering of this murder defendant. They will likely never know, unless it's brought forth in the mitigation or sentencing phase. It looks like Jodi Arias got a little taste of "fame" or rather "infamy" and she now seemingly can't get enough of it. Tweets and a website, all from behind bars. Looks like Arias has found the success that she's always dreamed of. I wouldn't be surprised to find copies of her journals up for sale next. All I can say is "Wrongful Death Suit". Please.


  1. This totally infuriates me!

    From a fox article:

    Her mother, Sandra Arias, said the site is, indeed, Jodi’s. The money is being used to help pay for family expenses while attending the trial, she said.

    Asked if the drawings are selling well, Sandra Arias replied, “Oh yeah.”

    She declined to discuss it further.

    The site claims to have sold several pieces, including a drawing of Frank Sinatra for $1,075. One piece is being offered for $2,000, shipping included.

    No law prevents Arias from profiting from her notoriety given she hasn’t been convicted of a crime.

    Sgt. Brandon Jones of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said inmates aren’t allowed to sell items while incarcerated and don’t have access to computers.

    However, Jones added, she has access to pencils and paper and there is nothing to prevent Arias from using a third party to sell her work.

    “She could draw those pictures, but I can’t tell you whether they are truly hers or whether this is someone trying to make money off her,” Jones said.

    He also said the sheriff’s office just learned of a Twitter account bearing Arias’ name and is examining its options for confronting the situation.

    “This doesn’t sit well with us,” Jones said.

    1. NancyB (4/21 @ 12:03PM),
      Apparently there's not much that can be done about the blatant cashing-in-on-murder that's happening during this trial! But I PRAY that all of this comes in during the sentencing phase - her profiting goes well beyond covering family travel expenses at this point. It's purely greed. Let's hope that the public refuses to purchase any "tell all" book Arias is writing. Guess there will always be "murderabilia" out there, but she is now advertising 100 "limited edition" reprints of one of her drawings of an hourglass. Can you believe the nerve? Would these be worth a dime if not for the horrific crime she is standing trial for? Wouldn't the jury be interested to know she's been drawing some of these DURING HER TRIAL while people think she's taking notes?

  2. Thank so much, My Forte. You have written everything I am feeling about this and more. Yes -wrongful death suit! Maybe someone should call the IRS.

    This is just unbelievable. There should be some way to freeze that money and give it to Travis' family. As if Arias wasn't despicable enough as it is. She is profiting off of a murder she has admitted to committing?! It is infuriating and disgusting.

    There is a fund that people are donating to for Travis' family. It may have been mentioned here already. I hope they are getting enough to cover all their expenses.


  3. One pleasant thought is that JA won't really enjoy her life when she is sentenced. She won't be living in a house with a white picket fence, no swimming in a lake, no hot tubbIng, no high heels, no pedicures, no driving, no decorating a home, no picnics or family reunions ...

  4. Jodi Arias is the epitome of evil. I hope she rots in prison.

  5. Unfortunately, as we've heard in court, Jodi adapts to her surroundings and she'll probably act like the belle-of-the-ball of her prison block. Prison is too good for her.

    1. Anonymous (4/22 at 3:42PM),
      I find it disturbing that she seems to be enjoying her "celebrity" status. As we all know, there's a huge difference between jail and PRISON!!

  6. Published on: April 22, 2013
    by NATIONAL ENQUIRER online staff


  7. I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that the Defense Team starts out with some more Mistrial Motions on Tuesday.

  8. Jodi Arias and Taxi Driver
    (I don't remember the web sight, but Jodi said it was one of her favorite movies)

    This is so wierd and We got this from the HlN readings of the Jodi Arias Diaries:
    From the Jodi Arias Diaries:
    I was watching Hln and Hln said that Jodi said that Jodi talked to Travis Alexanders' Grandmother and the grandmother said:
    "The best names the Grandmother suggested were":
    Iris - Reagan - Hinkly- and Megan
    Iris (the flowers Arias sent to the Grnad Mother)
    Robert De Niro ...
    Travis Bickle (as Robert DeNiro) TRAVIS =TRAVIS ALEXANDER
    Jodie Foster ... IRIS
    HINKLY = Regan Assination. who was un love with Jodie Foster

    Why did JODI bullsit these names in her bullshit diaries?

    Pleas give insight.......

    1. Anonymous (4/22 at 8:53PM),
      Somebody posted something similar about the movie Taxi Driver awhile back! Unfortunately I've never seen Taxi Driver so I can't comment on any parallels but people have drawn comparisons to several movies to certain aspects of this story and case. Thank you for your post!


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