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Arias Defense Rips into Travis Alexander's Character

As the defense case continues Monday with murder defendant Jodi Arias on the stand, reports are emerging about the closed door meeting between the attorneys on both sides and Judge Sherry Stephens that occurred last Thursday.  Not much was known about the topic of the meeting, however it's now being reported that Arias will be allowed to give testimony about victim Travis Alexander's alleged "lewd acts" involving the use of pictures of children!

An earlier note that Arias produced, allegedly from Travis Alexander was ruled "inconclusive" by a handwriting analyst - so what exactly will be admitted into evidence aside from the words of Jodi Arias?  This seems outrageous to me - number one, even if you believe Alexander was into children (I DO NOT), what would this information have to do with the self defense claim anyway?  Number two - why would the word of a proven liar be taken as fact in a trial with so much at stake?

Perhaps we'll understand why this type of testimony is being allowed once we hear and/or see the "evidence", but at this point it seems to me the defense is scraping the bottom of the barrel with the smear campaign on Travis Alexander's character! This is pretty low in my book. The "phone sex" audio has not yet been introduced - Arias recorded some phone calls between herself and Travis Alexander, and I believe those calls will be played next week.  I hope the defense realizes the jury may not react in the way they are hoping with the direction they are leading and what they are alleging about the actual murder victim in this case.

This has to be excrutiating for the friends and family of Travis Alexander, who have to listen to the distasteful portrait Arias is painting of their loved one.  To the defense team, my question is this:  why was it necessary for Jodi Arias to stab a naked and weaponless man 27 times?  Did he continue to "lunge" at her after the 10th stab wound, or after she slit his throat?  Was he still a threat when she shot him in the face?  This next week should prove crucial and I cannot wait to hear Arias face the tough questions from Mr. Juan Martinez - who is patiently waiting his turn, while furiously taking notes.  His day will come, soon!


  1. This sick woman's testimony upsets me more than I can say. I can't watch her anymore, and am just waiting for Mr. Martinez's cross. I hope he makes mincemeat out of her---Like Sherman through Atlanta...
    I too am horrified that she can say basically anything she wants to in open court about Travis, but I am not aware of the state bringing in witnesses like the Hughes and Travis' friend, Dr. Karl Hiatt that can refute the lies being told about Mr. Alexander's character. WHY??
    I have a lot of questions that I wish would be addressed. JA says that she called Travis and that he knew she was coming on June 4th, but isn't that another lie? Can't the state debunk or verify this by way of Travis' phone records and see if he received a call from her or not?
    If she can slander Travis, why can't the state feature all of the many witnesses who have examples of Jodi's stalking behavior? Why haven't they heard about the tire-slashing, the hacking of his accts., and the anonymous email sent to Travis' friend Lisa??? I thought the police could certainly trace the origin of an email.
    Can't this all come up in a rebuttal case?

  2. I know! I agree that it's OUTRAGEOUS that she is basically being taken at her word when nothing of that nature was ever recovered on Travis's computer and no photos at the home etc. Just like Jose Baez's opening statement and claims of abuse against Casey Anthony at the hands of her poor father, George! They never produced any evidence that any of this was true. I think that because this is a potential death penalty case, the judge doesn't want the defense to have any grounds to have a verdict overturned - and therefore they are allowing the defendant to put on a vigorous defense. I don't understand how they can allow this testimony, but I have no doubt that Juan Martinez will question every statement she makes in his cross. This is just disgusting and distasteful and hopefully the jury will give her testimony the amount of weight it deserves! She's had 4 1/2 years to sit in her cell and think up this stuff. It seems one sided - she can say what she wants with nothing to collaborate it, but the state's hands are tied. Hoping it backfires and the jury finds it just as disgusting as we do! Thanks for writing!!

  3. I really don't think people that do these things (murder )
    understand how completely stupid they look,/ when they try to defend them self's/it's like everyone knows except them /it must be desperation /or the lawyers convincing them to try // I was looking at photo's on line that showed her room and really she lived like a pig with all the mess /I would under stand if she was a teenager / but she was a woman I think she was really taken by his money and nice home greed she was angry she lost her future meal ticket and that is what enraged here // but also you are with someone or your not
    (if )he was sleeping around with different woman that is hard but still no excuse / but perhaps it freaked her out over time // I am happy I didn't kill someone every time I felt rejection// wow I be in jail a long time

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment. I agree that these people really don't see how ridiculous their stories look to the rest of the world. Maybe in some sick way, they begin to believe their own made-up version of what happened and that makes it easier for them to lie. I think Ms. Arias thinks that IF they cannot disprove her account of what happened, that equals "reasonable doubt". Hoping the jury recognizes that she is not being truthful - I really think the person Arias portrayed herself to be to Travis Alexander was the person heard on that audio tape! In stark contrast to what she's trying to portray on that witness stand. The timid, innocent, victimized yet articulate woman who has been allowed to bring forth any disgusting allegation against the true victim in this trial. All I can say is - I cannot wait to see how she handles the cross exam. Thanks again for your comments!


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