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Sign "Fallon's Petition" - In Honor Of Jennifer Martel, Murder Victim

I continue to be saddened and outraged at some of the things that are happening in our society with shocking frequency - senseless murders, and some of the laws or lack of laws protecting women from the men that abuse them. 

I received an e-mail from requesting my signature on "Fallon's Petition". The story is sad.  If you would like to be a part of enacting positive change to prevent this from happening to another young woman, I would encourage you to use the link at the bottom of this blog entry and sign the petition. They still need a lot of signatures.  Here's part of the e-mail I received, summarizing the victim and circumstances of the murder of 27 year old Jennifer Martel:

Jennifer Martel, from

"27 year old Jennifer Martel was a caring mom to a little girl.  Working her way through college, Jennifer hoped to become an elementary school teacher.  Jennifer's boyfriend had a long history of criminal activity, including domestic violence, yet he was released on his own recognizance after smashing Jennifer's head into a mirror Tuesday, August 13th.  Just two nights later, he was found covered in blood after stabbing Jennifer to death in the presence of their 4 year old daughter and neighbors".

"While Massachusetts law is at the forefront of the war against domestic violence, the recent murder of Jennifer Martel highlights a gaping hole in the current system. Under MGL 276 Sec. 58A, offenders can be released on their own recognizance, without any bail set, within 24 hours of an assault. 
An emergency restraining order was issued against Jennifer's assailant, but since Jennifer did not appear in court the day after she was attacked her assailant was released without bail on his own recognizance". 

Fallon's Petition "hopes to close the loophole that allows repeat, violent offenders to be released without immediate consequences, putting their female victims and the public at risk".  Here is the link to

Unfortunately, these stories are becoming far too commonplace and this will never be acceptable.  If they need to build more prisons to keep these violent predators locked away for longer, so be it.  Jennifer looks like a beautiful young woman, and now her daughter will grow up without her - who knows what she witnessed and how it will effect her in the future. Thank you "Fallon" for your petition.

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