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Wendi Andriano Jury Speaks To The Arizona Republic

This is off topic, but since the Wendi Andriano murder trial has been compared to the Jodi Arias trial because of the similarities (outrageous self-defense and abuse claims) between the cases - including having the same prosecutor, I wanted to post a link to an Arizona Republic article where the jurors discussed the great emotional toll the case had on them.

It's such an interesting read that I thought it would be worth posting it here, especially in light of the fact that Jodi Arias is facing similar charges, and was prosecuted by the same man who put Andriano on Death Row. The article outlines all of the things that happen after the guilt or innocence phase of the trial is over. This may be a template for Jodi Arias' immediate future. Somebody had posted a comment here yesterday asking where I got the jury deliberation time for the Andriano case (15 minutes), this is one of the sources I used when I was researching Andriano's trial.

I've also heard the 15 minute time frame discussed recently on HLN during the Arias deliberations. The Andriano jury took much longer to decide other issues following the guilt phase. If you have an interest, here is the link to the Arizona Republic article from Jan 24, 2005 called "Deciding life, death takes toll on jurors". Have a great day!

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