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Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias Has A Online Book Club?

Think you’ve seen or heard it all when it comes to the behind-bars antics of Ms. Jodi Ann Arias?  Think again! The convicted murderer now has her own online book club!  Yes, you heard me correctly – another website somehow controlled by a “close custody” inmate!  When will it stop, and how is it being allowed to happen?  Never in my life have I seen a convicted murderer have so much control of social media from behind bars – while I don’t know if she is breaking any laws by (obviously) having somebody create and maintain these websites displaying and selling her “artwork”, t-shirts and whatever else she’s hawking these days.  What’s next, Tupperware?  Avon?  Amway?

The convicts’ newest online venture is, and it’s a bright yellow website with a big picture of Arias, in the infamous white hooded parka – holding her beloved camera, atop some snowy mountaintop.  The audacity. The nerve.  The never-ending self promotion.  Please make it stop!
The site currently includes 7 books and includes pictures of the book cover, information on the author and publishing company as well as Jodi’s personal review of the book.  Looks like at least one of the books was sent or given to her by somebody on the outside.  She names the person, which may be bad news for the sender of said book!  There are notations such as “Jodi is currently reading” on the books she has yet to finish reading, and her literary opinions of the ones that she has read.  So now she’s an Oprah wanna- be, or a literary critic?  Her twisted and fictitious resume continues to astonish me. 

How is it that she has managed to accomplish more from behind bars than she did from the free world? On this site, her recent tweets are posted, and she thanks somebody named HeinzFrick for “Jodi’s Page”.  An August 6th tweet from Arias mentions Lifetimes movie as “a hatchet job”, and she openly calls for producers “interested in making a film about the truth”.  Yes, she is soliciting movie offers on Twitter now.  In addition to her recent tweets, the site has a Q & A page, where she instructs people how to fund her commissary account, send her mail – and specific information on sending books, magazine subscriptions, and instructions on how people can visit her in jail!  Has your jaw hit the floor yet? She includes links to her artwork that is for sale, and of course that “Survivor” t-shirt.  The art website lists what appears to be a phony address of 333 Fun St., San Francisco, CA 12345 under “Contact Us”, and the telephone and fax number listed are both 123-456-7890. Is this her attempt at being humorous?

Does anybody else find this behavior completely outrageous?  How can an INMATE operate so many outside websites and continue to sell things?  Or is this a ploy in anticipation of her penalty phase retrial, where she can use the promise of book clubs and recycling programs in prison as mitigating factors to keep her off Death Row?  You be the judge!  I am just at a loss for words.  And it takes a lot for that to happen to me.  It’s like she’s living in the Twilight Zone, unaware that she’s in jail for MURDERING another human being. Jail and prison are punishment, not a place to launch a reality show.  Somebody please make it go away! Sheriff Joe, where are you?  Are these shenanigans protected by free speech? Just seems wrong, that’s all – plain and simple. An inmate should not be able to use their incarceration as a launching pad to online infamy.

In other Arias related news, Jane Valez Mitchell’s new book titled “Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias” hits the book stores on August 20, 2013 and has been getting rave reviews.  It promises shocking and disturbing new information about the convicted murderer and her revenge plot against Travis Alexander – using sex as a means to get close enough to kill.  Included in the book are “Five lessons learned from the Jodi Arias trial”.  To summarize:

   1)    Don’t sleep with the enemy!

        2)  Pathological liars are very dangerous people

      3)    Be wary of people with transient lifestyles.  Jodi Arias couldn’t hold a job for long, moved from place to place and from man to man.  From an early age, Arias moved from Yreka to Santa Maria, to Medford OR, to Big Sur, to Palm Desert, to Mesa and back to Yreka. During this time frame, she held numerous miscellaneous waitressing jobs. JVM says this is a symptom of borderline personality disorder, characterized by her inability to fit in.  Jane’s advice:  when you begin dating somebody new, it’s important to get a real sense of where they come from, what they do for a living and where they have been in their lives. As an added rule of thumb, she suggests getting an in-depth bio prior to getting too romantically involved with a person.

    4)   TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCTS! Perhaps the most important of this list, it is so important to trust your own intuition.  We heard throughout the trial that 90% of all communication is non-verbal.  Many of Travis’ friends reported having bad vibes about his new love interest, some referring to her as “creepy”.  They were able to see what he didn’t, couldn’t – or chose to ignore. There were many clues pointing to a mentally and emotionally unstable woman. Travis’ friends tried in vain to convey their feelings that something was off with Arias. They felt she was unbalanced and perhaps even dangerous.  Trust your friends opinions.  They always have your best interest at heart.
    5)     WOMEN CAN BE VIOLENT!  Towards the end of their relationship, Travis expressed fear of Jodi. Some of his friends believe he may have been lured into a false sense of security by her petite stature. Statistics also show that violent crimes are mostly perpetrated by men, not women. Perhaps that’s why America was so fascinated with women on trial for violent crimes?  It’s not the norm, thankfully.  However, it’s certainly and sadly not unheard of.
“Exposed” is expected to be one of the most provocative crime books this year, packed with exclusive new information and psychological insight.  A portion of the profits are going to charity.  Jane Valez Mitchell dedicated this book to victim Travis Alexander and his siblings.  Should be an interesting read.  Hey, maybe it will earn a mention on Arias’ book club website?  Wouldn’t that be ironic…….

Can we please empanel a new jury and get this show on the road?  What’s next, a Jodi Arias action figure?  Rental-car, .25 caliber gun and camera sold separately.  Sorry, I hope that didn’t offend anybody but I couldn’t resist.  The last thing I’d ever want to do is to make light of this tragic murder.  Those of you who have been following this blog know that. 

 I personally feel Arias continues to exploit her name recognition – even though for most people in America, her name is more associated with evil than anything else to further her own agenda.  She wants the pool of potential jurors to see “all the people she could help” while in prison. The book club was mentioned in her mitigation multi-media slide show/campaign speech.  If anybody has any ideas on measures we can take to ensure any/all sales this convicted felon makes make it into the hands of the victim’s family – please speak up.  Let’s put our collective minds together and be sure she is not profiting from the murder of another human being.


  1. Hello My Forte, I spoke to you a few times when I first started posting here but I guess you didn't see me. Oh well. Yup, this is sickening news alright, and like you I am speechless at the moment, but I put HeinzFrick in search and came up with this: I don't even have a cell phone as they don't work where I live, but I could see some of the followers...very interesting! And I could read first lines, but I can't follow the conversations of course. Maybe you can.

    Anyway, I agree with your obvious disgust I feel from your writing.
    I can't remember another one exactly like her. Yes, many have been cocky and arrogant, but I can't remember any use of social media, sad little money making enterprises, and certainly after conviction the helium was rather released from the balloon, so to speak.

    Yes, I do think this online book club is a ploy to taint the new jury. However, if I were her defense team I would shut her down, as it just looks 'too obvious'...too disingenuous, like everything else she's ever done. But, they don't seem to care how dirty they play this game, do they? Or how ugly she looks in the process. And they surely didn't care about Travis above all!

    I am getting very mad now My Forte, so I will close with only two other thoughts for now. Over the last few months, although I wish the sentencing phase would just move forward, it has been rather nice knowing that she's had no "lights, cameras, action" real 'visible' platform for her EVIL performances.

    Finally, you wonder what her next venture might be. Well, I had a thought. Maybe a 'wig boutique!'(an assortment of clip-on hair pieces, ponytails, falls, etc.)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    ~M. Bethnae~

    1. M. Bethnae,
      OMG, "wig boutique" had me laughing out loud! I'm not sure why this bothers me as much as it does. I suppose I just find it outrageous that a person that slaughtered another human being could be so cavalier, and seemingly take full advantage of her newfound notoriety in such blatant and superficial ways. It's all about her, still zero remorse. I don't feel she or her family should make a dime from her story. I'd like to see the jail system find a way to at least make it SEEM like she's an inmate! She has made a mockery of the entire judicial system throughout her trial and now as a convicted felon - she seems to be enjoying it all. I think that's what gets to me! Frustrating - anyway, thanks for the comments and insight. Have a good weekend too!

  2. It truely is disgusting that she is doing this...or someone is doing it 4 her obviously since she is in jail and can't. I guess she writes a review of the books they give her in prison to read. lol she did mention reading "to kill a mockingbird". a while back so this is probably one of her reviews even tho it is a great book. she had said she was just getting around to reading it. I guess since she has no man to stalk now that she Must find a new hobbie. Poor thing! hahaha

    1. Anonymous (8/11 @ 2:18AM),
      I seem to remember something about To Kill a Mockingbird before too! Didn't make her current list! It's just so outrageous, that she seems to be enjoying her status from jail. As I said just a moment ago in response to M. Bethnae's comment, she continues to make a mockery of the whole justice system as she did during her trial. I think she REALLY believes she is a reality TV star. Doesn't seem like punishment, having book clubs, numerous websites selling her murderabilia-art and tshirts - AND continuing to solicit and accept donations, so she can keep her commissary items stocked. Ridiculous. Seems she's enjoying life more on the inside - haven't heard about one single "headache" since the trial, and she doesn't seem to be depressed or suicidal like she claimed throughout her poor-me trial testimony!! It annoys me more than it should. Anyway, thanks for commenting and hopefully she will fade into the background once she's sentenced!

  3. Hi again My Forte. Glad you liked the wig boutique idea, but no doubt you would have thought of it in short order after you cooled your jets over the online book club you had just found out about. LOL! Actually, I've been caught up in some of the other news stories recently. This past week was the story about James Lee DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson. Also, about the 3 girls held captive for 10 years by Ariel Castro. And the Josh Young trial.

    Anyway, everything ain't about Miss Jodie! But, wouldn't she wanna stab, stab, stab me, or somebody, to hear that!???

    It bothers you My Forte, it bothers Me, It bothers Most of us because for the very reasons we have already seen throughout this entire process. Think of the very words you have used to describe the behavior. Lack of remorse. No remorse. Cavalier. All about her. Self serving. Emotionless. Arrogant. Fake. Self-centric. Cold blooded. Morally bankrupt. Calculating. Etc, Etc, Etc...I could sit here until the cows came home and Websters had been exhausted, and I don't really think there are any words to adequately describe Arias...except one...Evil. Much like Manson. And a few others who have scarred our society historically. Evil has a way of doing that. Now it could be argued, "But, Arias is no Manson!" I would say..." Oh, yes, she is!"
    She is trying very, very hard to control people the exact same way, and some are very much her puppets and followers in some of the same ways Manson's were. But, in time, with sentencing, and age, all of this will change My Forte. Still, society, was scarred by these evil people nonetheless. But, perhaps we can learn valuable 'tells' from each of them and how to avoid the likes of them in our personal lives.

    It bothers you so much My Forte because you colour within the lines of what is acceptable in our society. And the tapestry of your life is woven of nice, tight moral fiber. It bothers you because you are female. (Don't admit or deny that..I just feel that you are anyway) I am certainly not saying at all it isn't bothersome to men, but it is such a blight to women to see femininity 'used' in this extraordinarily ugliest of ugly ways. The arrogance and the audacity of her is unacceptable to you, as it is to me, as it is to many of us. She is everything every nightmare is made of. We know there are rules we must live by and we have always known that, and it isn't difficult for us at all. Also, we don't understand, why, if we can suffer rejection after rejection in many areas in life without killing people why can't she, or anybody for that matter? The bottom line is Arias is just not acceptable to our very sensibilities, plain and simple. I can't think of another way of putting it. Kinda like an unripe persimmon on your tongue. On my! Yuck, as I remember from when I was a very young child!!

    This will always bothers you My Forte. This will always bother me and all of us, as well as any case like this. But, perhaps this is how we will know and understand how truly alive, free, and blessed we really are.

    As always...great writing My Forte..great blog spot! Thank you for sharing your time and your thoughts!

    Have a nice night!

    ~M. Bethnae~

  4. I believe all of her social media behaviors will be fodder for her social mates at Perryville. She should be very careful. She's giving those ladies a lot of ammunition.

    1. You know, this is true Anonymous. I had not thought about her next 'residence' at Perryville. A very good point.

      Another thing is, they will use her bountiful account to extract anything from her they can. They will put all kinds of pressure on her to get, get, get. Commissary items are a luxury to many and always at a premium to others. She will have to either fold, or that natural born killer will come out...again. Who do you suppose would come out on top in a situation such as that? I mean, some of these women are quite hardened and quite brawny...built like brick outhouses. Whewww!

      Surely, in your mind's eye you could forsee scenarios where her social media behavior would catch up with her at share away..we'd like to read your thoughts. I know I certainly would.

      ~M. Bethnae~

  5. If she is kept in solitary, this may be a non issue for her. I think SHE thinks she is so charming and lovable. I don't think she has a clue as to what she will be facing. I've thought a lot about her on line social antics. I don't see any way it could be proven that its "her" -- she can always deny, which she is extremely good at doing. Social media is a challenge, I'm sure, for the justice/legal system. If she gets the death penalty, then I don't foresee too many of these antics. She will be isolated. I just hate that the Alexanders would have any exposure to her.

    I think the ladies in Perryville will have her number. I think they will try her if they have any contact with her. She will not be the Queen B there....I'm sure there is already a Queen B.

    1. You are correct Anonymous on all points. The penal environment will be far different than jail. With 'life' I believe she will be quite limited for the first few years and will have to earn her way up. With the 'DP' it will mean isolation until her death. No gen pop as far as I know. But, you are definitely right about a Queen Bee already in place. Each area or unit would have one..or an ALPHA. And I am quite sure, as you are, if Arias were allowed to circulate she would TRY the same-ole, same-ole...but it's just not gonna fly in there. Like you stated, the Perryville ladies have her number. I don't underestimate them...they are savvy and have a certain smarts about them that I could certainly never touch. Nor could Arias I do not believe.

      Above all, of the utmost importance now, is that the Alexander family have no further exposure after this sentencing phase is completed. I certainly hope she will be granted NO interviews after she is sentenced!!! Please God..Let there be No Post Sentencing Interviews For Arias!!! She should just be taken away to Perryville where she can scribble away on her little notepad all of her little musings in her little prison cell where hopefully Travis' family never have to see or hear from her ever again.

      In all that is left now out of this ugly, twisted, evil mess of lies and BS...the Alexanders are all that matter, And I know I speak for all those who regularly post here.

      Thank you for your input!


      ~M. Bethnae~

  6. M. Bethnae,
    You are correct. At this point justice for Travis and his family and friends IS what matters here. It can only be delayed for so long. I think Jodi Arias fears becoming irrelevant more than she fears capital punishment. She has managed to make herself a household name, not in a good way but nonetheless - she's made a name for herself which is not a good thing at prison. I doubt the population at Perryville will become as enamored with her as she may believe. Thanks for your comments!


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