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Jodi Arias Trial - Life Behind Bars In Arizona

The jury is expected to return to their deliberations later this morning in the Jodi Arias death penalty trial.  They have deliberated for more than 7 hours without reaching a unanimous verdict.  While I find this concerning, as I pointed out in yesterday's post, this can happen in death penalty trials - and the "Allen" instruction Judge Sherry Stephens read to the jury yesterday is the exact same instruction the Wendi Andriano jury was read when they appeared to initially be hopelessly deadlocked. They ultimately continued deliberations, and after four days came back with a sentence of death.

In my April 27, 2013 post, I wrote about what life would be like for a female serving a life sentence in the Perryville Prison Complex in Goodyear, Arizona - and what life on Death Row would be like.  Considering the jury could potentially decide to show Jodi Arias the mercy she failed to show Travis Alexander and sentence her to life in prison, I wanted to take another look at the conditions Arias would face if sentenced to either natural life or life with the possibility of parole after serving 25 years.

The level of activities an inmate has access to likely depends on their classification.  When an inmate is received into the prison system, they go through an "Inmate Assessment" and take part in an orientation and are classified under the Offender Classification System. Upon entering the Department's custody, each offender is assessed for security and custody risk and for special services such as medical, mental health, substance abuse or sex offense treatment and/or programming needs such as education, vocational training and work skills and other placement considerations.

The classification profile consists of an offender's custody classification and internal risk level as well as programming needs. Offenders are reviewed on an annual basis. Classification scores are adjusted based on information received during the review period and include behavior, time left to serve and overall history. An offender's placement is changed when the custody classification indicates the offender no longer meets the custody/security designation of the current unit assignment.

All inmates serving a natural life or life w/possibility for parole:

  • Life sentence with 0-2 years served = Maximum Custody
  • Life sentence with 2-5 years served = No less than Close Custody
  • Life sentence with 5+ years served  = No less than Medium Custody
As you can see, the custody level could become less restrictive as her sentence plays out and with good behavior, after 5 years served she could be in Medium Custody.  Let's take a look at the custody levels:

Maximum Custody:  Inmates who represent the highest risk to the public and staff and require housing in a single-cell setting. These inmates have limited work opportunities within the secure perimeter and require frequent monitoring. These inmates require escorted movement in full restraints within the institution.

Close Custody:  Inmates who represent a high risk to the public and staff. These inmates shall not be assigned to work outside the secure perimeter of an institution. These inmates require controlled movement within the institution.

Medium Custody: Inmates who represent a moderate risk to the public and staff. These inmates shall not work outside the secure perimeter of an institution and require limited controlled movement within the institution.

Minimum Custody:  Inmates who represent a low risk to the public and staff. These inmates may work outside the secure perimeter of an institution, to include community work crews, and do not require controlled movement within the institution.

This information was taken directly from website.  I'm wondering if under "Close Custody", Arias would still remain in a single-cell situation.  I believe she thinks she will be free to congregate with among the women in the general prison population - it's unclear if she would have that option, at least for the first several years of her incarceration. Arias' high profile status may make her a prime candidate for some type of segregation - although she truly seems to believe she is a likeable person, there may be other inmates who won't take to her diva-like ways or the nature of her crime.

Visitation for Maximum Custody inmates is limited to one 2 hour block per week. Close Custody inmates visitation varies, depending on their "phases" - anywhere between one "block" per week to three "blocks" per week. There appear to be three such "phases" for Close Custody inmates. Medium Custody inmates can receive anywhere from one "block" per week to four "blocks" per week.  Minimum Custody inmates receive anywhere from one to four "blocks" per week as well.  Certain holiday allowances are made for visitation for all custody classifications.

All custody levels of inmates receive a minimum of 6 hours of exercise time per week.  There are "hobby and craft" services available for inmates, depending on their "Phase" classification. UURRGHH, it appears that inmates who participate in the hobby/craft activities are afforded the opportunity to SELL their work through the Arizona Prison Arts And Trades Outlet! The more I dig into the prison system services for non-death row inmates, the more it appears that Arias may end up having a lot more access to the things that drive her ego.  I'm in no way implying that incarcerated women shouldn't have access to education, work, exercise and other activities that may help them serve out their sentences while gaining valuable skills that may help them when they are released - it's just that if Jodi Arias is given what I would consider the ultimate and unwarranted gift of life, it sickens me to think of her furthering her "artistic" ventures and having these opportunities that Travis Alexander will never have.

Inmates have access to a maximum of 16 television channels, based on local availability and as determined by the Warden. They include major channels such as NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS as well as Discovery Channel.  Also listed under "Recreational Activities":  outdoor exercise, athletics, Unit intra-mural activities, Complex intra-mural activities, in-house hobby crafts, cultural activities and special events. All of this, in addition to potential work programs!  If Arias had acted differently before, during and after her trial, I may have a different view on what a suitable punishment for her would be. She claims to want "everybody's pain to stop", yet each time she plops herself down for another self-serving media interview, she assaults the Alexander siblings all over again. For somebody who claims the media is one of the reasons she has not received a fair trial, she is directly responsible for creating the media circus this has become.

She really seems to see herself as some sort of reality star, and this is her show.  I think her poorly timed and ill-advised media blitz was prompted because she knows when the sentencing is handed down, she is not likely to get these kind of opportunities in prison.  She's heading to prison either way, it's just a matter of whether she will sit on Death Row or not. If she could be handed down a life sentence with no possibility for parole, and serve in max custody for her entire sentence that would be A GIFT.  A gift that many people don't feel she deserves, given the lives she has ruined.  I know that sentencing her to death will not bring back Travis Alexander. But Jodi Arias has shown the world who she really is over the course of this trial.  It's just a plain shame that this jury hasn't had the opportunity to see who they are sentencing, and I'd expect they may have some remorse if they give her the gift of life after they see how she has conducted herself during these proceedings.

They may feel angry, upset and duped! I think a system that allows someone like Jodi Arias to use the media to further her own selfish reasons, while she cites it as a major factor around her receiving a fair trial is severely damaged and in need of reform.  The networks need to take a moral stand!  I think Ryan Owens is the only interviewer who called Arias to the mat, asking her the tough questions and not tap dancing around what really happened, her lack of remorse and the absent apology during her allocution to the jury. The other media outlets seemed to cater to her diva-like demands, even providing her with makeup.  Just when you thought you'd seen it all......

Will the jury come back with a unanimous decision today, ahead of the 5 day weekend ahead?  Will the state be forced to begin the costly and difficult process of finding another 18 jurors who could make this final sentencing decision?  I am praying she receives the most severe punishment available to the jury.  I think we are all with Steven Alexander in that we don't want to see Travis Alexander's murderer any more!!  What do you think?  

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Oh My Forte, i am SO hoping for a verdict today! Whether it's life or death, at this point I don't mind but just for closure for the family. So they can go home and back to their lives and work on healing from this nightmare.

    I also looked up some info. on the Perryville women's prison today and holy moly, is she ever in for a nightmare there. Regardless of what she gets, it sounds like hell on earth. They have NO air conditioning! Can you imagine living in the desert environment with no A/C? Women actually die there over the summer months due to dehydration. Rape of inmates from male prison guards is quite common. All these happy happy joy joy programs Jodi thinks are going to happen are NOT going to happen there. I'll try to find the link of what I read in my history and come back and post it.

    She could work up to having a job there, they have a printing dept. but she'd be paid 50 cents a day and, being a lifer, she'd really have to prove herself because it would give her ample opportunity to plan an escape or some other deviant act.

    Thank you again for all these wonderful posts My Forte!

    1. Anonymous (5/23 @ 10:10AM),
      Yes, I think JA is going to be in for a surprise when she gets to prison - she may not get the happy reception she thinks she will! I've watched many of those "Lockup" programs, and they've done several on the Maricopa County jail where she is now - and that is almost a dorm-like atmosphere she's in now. She'll be among some hard core women there who may not appreciate her lights-camera attitude! I'm sure prison is no cake walk. I just don't like the thought of her being able to have so much enjoyment in selling her "artwork" etc..I've also read that able-bodied inmates are expected to work in some capacity. Do you know if the Estrella jail has AC? I know Sheriff Joe keeps inmates out in the desert heat in "tent city"! Thank you for your comments! PS..I hate to think of anybody being raped in prison. Even Jodi Arias

    2. Anon - great info! Please post a link from your History if you can, thanks!

  2. Okay I found it. This is from the blog

    On Loving to Hate Jodi Arias...

    This is to all you visitors “enjoying” reading about Jodi Arias' future in my blogs, which I write largely for those who have lost loved ones in az prisons or are fighting to keep them alive through their sentences:

    It is clear that your desire for vengeance is far greater than any yearning for true justice to prevail in the world, for you are celebrating the suffering of others. Please remember how happy you were that Jodi Arias would be miserable next time a young women who was sexually abused by guards hangs herself in that prison, and know you had something to do with creating the culture of dehumanization and indifference that makes that so likely to happen these days.

    Perryville prison has killed many women through abuse and neglect, sometimes quite hideously – Google Marcia Powell, for one. No one deserves that kind of death. Most women there are mentally ill and survivors of trauma and shouldn’t even be in prison but for Arizona’s grossly inadequate mental health system, the right wing's contempt of the poor and people of color, and this overall fascist police state we live under.

    In any case, by saying that it’s okay for the killers among them to be condemned to less-than-constitutional conditions of confinement, you lower the chances of survival of other women warehoused at Perryville as well. So, to those of you who truly care about “justice” – please just think on that before you pat the AZ DOC on the back for hurting and killing their prisoners as they do.

    1. BTW, I do hope life is miserable for her in prison. I only posted this to show how horrible her life is going to be there, regardless of her sentence. I think it's awful that true victims of mental disorders get tangled up in the prison system but this system was really built for people like Jodi Arias.

    2. Anonymous (5/23 @ 10:19AM),
      Thank you for sharing the post from Arizonaprisonwatch. That's an eye opening post. While I believe prison should be punishment, I would never wish rape or maltreatment of inmates in any situation. I'm sure it happens in prisons across the country. It must be difficult to find the proper mix of punishment and rehabilitation for those who will eventually be released into the world again. Thanks for sharing the post.

    3. Thanks so much for this link. Very interesting.

    4. I think that Jodi adapts well to her surroundings which is a characteristic of BPD, however, if ... no, 'when', she gets caught in her lies to her fellow inmates, then life might get dangerous for Jodi in prison. I don't think she'd get to live out the long life she expects to live in the general population. Either way, she deserved death and the family needs to heal. They are so angry and hurt. I pray for them and hope that others that have been victims of horrible crimes can reach out to them to help them forgive in someway. Not for Jodi's sake but for their own sake and their families. Hate will destroy. I am thinking especially of a young woman who was set on fire by an ex-boyfriend. I think it was all caught on tape by a convenience store camera where she ran in for help. Later in an interview I thought she was beautiful because of her inner beauty and forgiveness. She was glowing despite the scars. Her smile was so genuine and beautiful. I remember her saying that no one can take her 'joy'. I know it's too early for the Alexander family but I wish that for them. It's not really forgiveness, it's giving the event to God and letting Him be the judge and leaving the final punishment or total forgiveness to Him as He sees fit. Hope they can do that.

    5. Oh great-just where Arias needs to be then !

  3. My Forte, I couldn't agree with you more - on every point. I love your posts, thank you!


    1. Alisa,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  4. My Forte-first, I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts-truly, I look forward to them every day and am delighted that my techno-challenged self was able to figure out just how to post a comment here! I recently read a comment on another blog sight that was a statement that Jodi SHOULD have said...I have long been convinced that Jodi should be given no mercy, that death is the only fitting punishment for her. But, after reading this particular blog, IF I were on that jury, I do believe I could have been convinced to give her life without parole! This person stated that if jodi had only truly apologized,if she had admitted that the pedophile claims were a blatant lie and if she expressed true remorse, I really think that could have gone a long way with this poor family of Travis...I do NOT think they would or even should forgive her but I think that instead of her continuing with these endless interviews filled with poison and lies,she could have simply admitted her would have served her far better than the current situation! And how very very sad that this jury does not know any of this! I am praying that like the two articles you referred us to yesterday, I pray this jury comes back strong and united for death!! Sorry for the rambling on my part-I really just wanted to thank you for your fine posts! Truly,Tammy

    1. Tammy,
      I couldn't agree with you more, in that HAD Jodi's behavior during and after the trial been more selfless and had she been completely honest, I could stomach a life sentence! But it angers me that the jury seems to be conflicted due to the facade she presents in court - meanwhile, all of us in the outside world are seeing the real sociopath who's only concern is herself. Honesty would really have gone a long way towards forgiveness, but her continuing lies show us the type of person she is! Thank you so much for your nice comments...fingers are crossed that the jury reaches a just verdict!

  5. I am quite pleased that Ryan Owens gave her some tough questions, definitely ruffled her feathers.

    I love how she says the problem with the DP is that it will go on and on b/c of appeals. Not one interviewer that I saw said to her, "So are you saying if you get life you're not going to appeal?"

    Has anyone else noticed she has hair product in her hair the last couple pony-tailed days?


    1. Sonja,
      I haven't noticed any hair gel/spray but its obvious she's trying to look as youthful as possible as they deliberate! I liked Ryan Owens interview, he challenged her to tell the truth and called her on her BS stories! I used to watch him, like 10 years ago on the early early morning news show called "World News Now"! Wondered what happened to him. He used to be on that news show from like 2AM-6AM. And yes, Jodi Arias hasn't even considered being executed despite all of her claims that she wants to kill herself or receive the DP...just more manipulation! I think there will be a verdict today....

  6. Anon @ 3:21AM - From the previous thread:

    Thanks sooo much for your comment and the info about what Katie Wick had to say on Dr Drew last night! That truly gives context and puts all of this into perspective AND it makes sense. When I read your comment a few minutes ago I then remembered that the reporter, Michael Kiefer "somehow" got a copy of the so-called question. He's been the defense's mouth piece for spin during the whole trial and most recently during all the ALV drama.

    You're right that this definitely more closely resembles a *clarification* after Judge Stephens had added the section of jury instructions that she had forgotten to give the jury the previous day.

    I feel 100% better after reading Sonya's and your comments. :)


    This article nixes all of Miss Jodi's grand plans for revamping the prison - by a former staffer @ Perryville!

    1. NancyB,
      Great read, good to hear this right from a former prison employee's mouth. Prison isn't going to be the dorm-style living she's used to at Sheriff Joe's. Do you ever watch Lockup or Hard Time? Lockup has featured the AZ jail system, and the non-sentenced inmates like Arias have a lot of communication with other inmates. Now that she's convicted she's in a single-cell. She talked about being in the general population, she doesn't seem to be in touch with reality or able to see past the moment! Thanks for sharing the article!


    1. NancyB - OMG! I heart you!


  9. I so enjoy this blog and hope you continue with the next major trial...I've always been a trial junkie but this one has hit a new high! That said, if I were on the jury and suddenly during these last moments of the penalty phase she starts puttung her hair in a ponytail...I mean really?? I hope the jurors are getting it. She's almost 33 years old trying to look 16. She is pure evil.

  10. Even though Juan mentioned in court yesterday the possibility of release with LWOP after 25 years, (really 20 since JA has already served 5 yrs)it may have been missed due to Willmott’s constant interruptions.

    Now, there are probably some on the jury who would prefer LWOP to death, and I can understand that. However, I believe that not ONE of those jurors want the evil one to ever be free again. At least I am hoping that is the case.

    I am betting my bottom dollar that those who are for the DP now have an excellent discussion point. If they sentence her to life, they have no control over whether or not she does natural life and whether she will be paroled at some point.

  11. Are you fricking kidding me? This is a load of crap. No verdict from the jury? What a load of CRAP. So jodi gets to wallow in the limelight for another 5weeks. Some justic system we have. If I kicked my dog I would be in jail but ponder what the SLASHER should get. If I was a member of the Alexander family I would hire a jailhouse slasher to end this crap. Screw Jodi and screw the jury. DEATH.

  12. You are correct. Life will not be a joy ride for Jodi while incarcerated.She will grow old and weary in prison. Her fame will carry a little weight with other convicts but not much.
    She will have the rest of her life to ponder deep and weary what could have been She'll use words such as, if only; but for; woulda shoulda coulda, but you didn't. One less female stalker that some male idiot won't have to deal with.

  13. Let me get this right.....

    Judge Sherry Stephens has announced that the next court date is:
    Thursday, July 18th, 2013

    Lifetime’s Jodi Arias Movie Airdate is:
    Saturday, June 22, at 8 PM

    Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret will have its world premiere on Saturday, June 22, at 8 PM, Lifetime said today. The two-hour movie will be followed by an hourlong documentary, Jodi Arias: Beyond the Headlines, featuring key players in the juicy murder trial.

    So the Movie about Jodi comes out a Month earlier than the resumption of the Trial!

    Good luck finding a new Jury!

    1. I don't think Lifetime has a 100% viewing audience. Especially for their trashy movies. I know I don't watch it. The other media attention on this trial like the local Fox affiliate, HLN, etc, has probably already tainted the jury pool but I think there are still those out there, especially in the working public and the male working public especially, that have not been following this trial and all the sideshows. Those of us, and I include myself, that are a little too obsessed with this event, are probably in the minority. With that being said, I think that you don't have to say that you haven't seen or heard of Jodi Arias... only that you don't have an opinion as to the (in this case) penalty. You must be impartial, not from another planet. Plus, her guilt is already been established so they need to make sure they have people who 1. believe she is guilty based on the verdict and 2. could impose the death penalty if they believe it is the proper sentence. They don't get to rehash the guilt phase. I think it will be much harder for them to seat 12 jurors who will give her life than 12 that will give her death. It's a crap shoot for Jodi now. I think her defense might be hoping for a plea deal at this stage but, hopefully, Juan Martinez will stand firm and the family will be strong.

  14. I am disgusted with this jury...what more do you need to find for death. If it was a juror who was against death from the start I hope they prosecute for perjury since they must have lied on the jury questionnaire..

  15. If Jodi gets Life, she will just torment Travis' family using her sick followers and no one will be able to stop her. However if she gets death, the messenger will be killed. End of story.

    1. Exactly! My heart breaks for them

  16. FYI:
    Jodi Ariass is at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail
    She will be locked up in her Jail Cell 23/24hrs a day.

    If you want to write Jodi* information can be found at the
    Estrella Jail Website:

    *Tongue firmly planted in cheek!

  17. Jodi Arias Jurors Leaving After Court

    Jurors getting on the bus after a mistrial is declared in the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias murder trial.

    Watch the Sheriff Deputy flick his Cig at the End...Class Act!

  18. 8 for DEATH

    4 for LIFE

    The problem that I have is that I truly do NOT believe that they followed the law. What mitigator weighed more then the especially cruel aggravator that all 12 of them had already agreed on??? Book club? Donating hair?? Teaching ASL -sign language??? Teaching espanol? Her families feelings? A recycling program? Come on.

    I wonder what these 4 may think and how they may feel when they see the AZ Central video from 2 days ago with the former guard from Perryville who said that the prison already has each and every one of those programs that SHE was going to introduce for the inmates?

    What mitigation was of greater weight then the especially cruel aggravator??? ZIP. Which means they based their decision on some emotional and/or ethereal basis which is such a disappointment that their allegiance to rational thought and adherence to the law were so easily discarded in less than one hour.

    1. I want to see those four reactions to the nearly six hours of interviews she gave, trashing Travis and saying she was disappointed in them! That jury may have had some idea her glory-seeking day were behind her but JM absolutely can bring those new interviews into evidence for a new jury.

      I wonder if the split was at least somewhat gender-based. It would be interesting to know.


    2. Sonja,
      I really feel bad for the jury because they were duped in the worst way....unless those 4 who felt that a life sentence was appropriate really don't believe in the death penalty. I'm wondering if this had been a man who savagely killed his ex girlfriend if the outcome would have been the same? JA's interviews, tweets etc. show the type of human being she really is and how self-centered her world is. If she really wanted other people's pain and suffering to end, she would shut her pie-hole and quit talking to anyone who will give her a microphone! Despicable behavior, and I cannot imagine having to go through this again - like Dave Hall said, it's like the XXX rated version of Groundhog Day!


    About Perrysville Prison

  20. Just heard this morning that Jodi's "Dream Team" will stay with her & see this through. Since we know they tried to ditch her several times over these past months, I believe it is a court ordered decision or the money is too good to pass up. It appeared to me that Nurmi couldn't even bring himself to look at JA by the time final arguments started,so good luck with that.

    Some news commentators are suggesting the state should instruct JM to cut a deal with JA now due to the millions the trial has already cost taxpayers. If she is incarcerated for life, the cost will be far greater & will still include attorney fees for further appeals. I believe the only person that thinks her life is worth the extra millions to the taxpayers is her mother. But that's what mother's do. They stand behind their children no matter what.

    As for the rest of her family, I believe their support will fade with time. Either due to logistics or finances. Her poor father will more than likely become too frail to visit as he battles kidney failure. I truly think it won't matter to JA since she was basically estranged from them since her early teens. They have served their purpose for her.

    I predict that life in prison for JA will become so stressful that she may return to her original wish for death ("the ultimate freedom"). She will not be treated as the special victim she claims to be. She will be harassed and treated as badly or more likely worse since she is so notorious. She has already earned the title of Diva in the county jail.

    Yes, JA will grow older and more bitter with each passing day as she thinks about what her life could have been.

    Perhaps, despite the monetary cost, the sentence of life without parole would be the ultimate punishment after all.

    1. I agree with everything you've said anon. The family's making a show right now but, her siblings are still young and they'll move on with their lives.

      Someone on t.v. said Jodi's so knee deep in her lies right now but once she gets to prison the reality will set in. She'll have years and years to think about how she got where she is now.

      I think she panicked yesterday because, think about it...the jury was not unanimous meaning SOME of those jurors believe she should get death. That doesn't bode well for her future trial. She thought, with her 19 minutes speech, she had Life in the bag. Not!

  21. I can't believe how amazingly disappointed I am. It completely confuses me that I, who have no immediate connection with the Alexander family, can grieve over something that doesn't directly involve me. But I am, and it does....What a crazy ride it has been. And what can I do with the sad, sick feeling that's been there since the verdict? I suspect there are many others out there like this. I try not to think of this as a "win" for Jodi, but it doesn't take away that again, it feels like she manipulated and got what she wanted.
    I can only imagine the horror of the jurors now seeing all of the info that they missed and either being further convicted of their death penalty vote, or really shocked at how they were manipulated and mistakenly gave her the opportunity to continue her existence, seemingly making the world a better place with her hair and promises to create programs already in place at the prison. Not saying this in a hateful manner, but I truly hope they are able to live with their decisions and move on from this.
    I truly wanted the death penalty, now I think I just want to put this all away. I do understand that prison will be no bed of roses, but my biggest fear is that she will still be able to communicate, i.e, tweet, interview, sell her goods, and further torment the Alexander family and the rest of us. I guess I am hoping that the state, if possible, will just offer life without parole, and allow everyone to go forward. If they can offer the stipulation that she is not allowed to give interviews or communicate through social media, well then that would at least mark an end to her celebrity to a large degree. Juan did an incredible job, I don’t want to take that from him, but reliving for a jury that won’t be able to experience first-hand the emotions of the five months we’ve just lived through seems pointless.
    I so wish that I had never gotten emotionally "involved" with this case the way that I have, but I suspect that most people, hearing the facts, would try to understand the evil that surrounds it as well. Atleast I hope I'm not in the minority. I have grappled with my true intentions... do I just want justice for Travis and his family, or do I feel so strongly about Jodi that I want her put to death? What kind of person feels like that? I don't know... It's an unexpected question to ask myself and one I hope I will understand one day.
    Thanks for allowing me to share/vent. Between your blog, My Forte, and the Justice for Travis Facebook page, I have felt part of an understanding community that helps me question myself just a bit less.

    1. Awwww Anon, a big virtual hug for you! Many of us have become emotionally invested in this so you're not alone.

      Just keep in mind, when this goes to trial again, the guilty of premed murder one STILL stands. And this also give Juan more opportunity to bring in the interviews she gave.

      Look up the Perryville women's prison, it's a horrible place. There's no air conditioning and, whether she gets life or the death penalty, it's not going to be this fun place she thinks it is. That's her eternity.

    2. I feel really sickened and saddened too.
      When it was announced in court that the jury was unable to reach a verdict, I think Jodi looked happy.
      That made it worse, because I think she felt like she "won."
      I read an article on the DailyMail website where the jury forman was interviewed.
      He said that he believed Travis was "mentally and verbally abusive to Jodi, and that while it was no excuse for murder, they had to factor it in."
      This made me absolutely sick.
      So the jury believed her lies and those of ALV?

    3. I am with you guys. 2 days later and I feel less sick....but sad and frustrated. That juror?! I hope he is saying/feeling/thinking those things because he doesn't have all the information. Hmmm. I take back that I don't feel sick. As soon as I start thinking of that...his interviews and views my stomach turns. I almost feel like crying. After Casey Anthony I promised myself never to get this emotionally involved again.... And here I am. But at least I am not alone. I really appreciate everyone here. It really makes a difference to know we are not alone.

      I am going to try to concentrate on the unanimous first degree murder conviction. *sigh*


  22. Hey guys, I am so disappointed, too. Last night I almost felt like someone died. Like we are mourning. Here is an interview with the foreman. Well an article about the interview. He thought she was emotionally abused. I wish they could have had testimony that she is a psychopath. ...or at least that they could have weighed in psychopathic tendencies. I have a feeling when some of these jurors see the interviews she did they are going to be extremely upset. She is so self centered and unemotional. ...the make-up and vanity. They are going to see a Jodi they may have suspected was there.... But in the interviews it is full blown proof. And that she did a media blitz the very night they started deliberating. Unbelievable. I feel so bad for those jurors and the Alexander family.


    1. I agree Sue, when they see she's not the little, meek wilting flower she portrayed herself as, it'll be an awakening. This is a woman who is totally confident and poised on camera, has no problem speaking her mind and intimidating others.

      Thank you for posting the interview link, I haven't seen it yet.

  23. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I'm quite sure I'll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next

  24. I don't think life in prison is a "GIFT" as you imply. If anything, DEATH is the real GIFT in the arias case. Once you are dead, your are dead, period; nothing to argue about it. The only certain thing is life is DEATH,nothing else.

    So, by pushing the "fast bottom" and accelerate the departure of Arias from this life is not a punishment but a GIFT.

    Punishement for this convicted murderer will be to spend her life behainf bars, in solitary confinement. Being raped by corrections officers (eventually, it will happen to her, if it had not happen already. Surrender by criminals in uniform day and night; knowing that society in this country consider convicts less that cockroaches without any constitutional rights so that is why they are warehoused and forgotten, only to become victims of ill intended, systematic and premeditated human right violations.

    No, you are wrong, the death penalty would be a the GIFT, not life in prison.

    If she gets life in prison, she may as well commit suicide. Remember, once your dead your are dead, there is nothing else after that. Why would you like her to be executed if want you want for her is punishment? Death is freedom, prison is not.


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Dr. Janeen DeMarte - A Look At The Prosecution's Expert Witness

Dr. Janeen DeMarte is expected to take the stand in the Jodi Arias murder trial as a key witness for the prosecution. Think of DeMarte as the State's response to Dr. Richard Samuels and potentially Alyce LaViolette. It's unclear when DeMarte will testify, but with Alyce LaViolette's testimony wrapping up, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at who the State's expert witness is.

Dr. Janeen DeMarte is a licensed clinical psychologist who has a private practice in the Phoenix area. She holds a master's degree and PhD in clinical psychology. with a concentration on forensics - and graduated from Michigan State University and fulfilled her doctoral residency at Arizona State Hospital.  Her clinical training was done at outpatient clinics, correctional facilities and inpatient unit settings. She has served as the Clinical Director of a large outpatient behavior health clinic in Phoenix and "oversaw the practice of numerous multidisciplinary treatment provide…

Is Alyce LaViolette Cashing In On Murder Trial?

As the defense finishes questioning their star witness, domestic abuse expert Alyce LaViolette, many are disillusioned by her choice to take the stand to portray murder defendant Jodi Arias as a battered and abused woman.  Maybe I'm the one who's crazy, but wasn't Travis Alexander the one who had the life stabbed, slashed and shot out of him at the hands of Jodi Arias? Who battered whom here?  Are Travis Alexander's not-so-kind text messages to Jodi Arias PROOF that he was a womanizing batterer and bully who held all the power in the relationship between Arias and Alexander?

Alyce LaViolette seems to think so. Does she have any idea the feelings of outrage she is bringing out in the hearts and minds of the real victims of domestic abuse all over the country? Before LaViolette began testifying, I kept asking myself "why would a woman who is so well respected in her field choose THIS case, defend THIS woman?"  Could it be the money? I suppose $250-$300 an hour c…

Was Trip to Cancun Catalyst to Murder? Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Marie "Mimi" Hall was the first prosecution witness to take the stand in the Jodi Arias Murder trial. She took the stand on January 3, 2013. Hall told jurors that she met Travis Alexander through the Mormon Church. Although they initially went on a date, it was quickly recognized that they were a great match as friends, and they remained such good friends that Alexander invited Hall to accompany him on a work retreat to Cancun, Mexico. The trip was to begin on June 10, 2008. Travis wouldn't live to see that day. Friends found him murdered in his home in Mesa, AZ on June 9, 2008. Coincidence, or catalyst? Travis's close friends have told investigators that Arias had been engaging in stalker-like behavior in the months preceding the murder. Twice, Alexander had his tires slashed after going out with other women. He told close friends his Facebook account had been hacked into. Arias even reportedly would use the doggie door to gain entry to Alexander's home. …

A Look At Alyce LaViolette And More Strange Video Footage of Arias Arrest

Yesterday, as Dr. Richard Samuels finished up his testimony the Jodi Arias defense team called their next expert witness to the stand, Alyce LaViolette. LaViolette is a very legitimate expert on the subject of domestic violence, having been one of the early leaders back in the 1970's when this was not a topic that was spoke of often. Jennifer Willmott had LaViolette introduce herself and her educational background, and list her many accomplishments helping battered women and even helping the men who battered them, hoping to return these women to a safer environment. She is likable, and she is a legitimate voice on this topic. The prosecution should not expect this witness to be as sloppy in the trial casework and reporting as Dr. Samuels was. 

While it's unknown exactly how far out on a limb LaViolette will go for Jodi Arias, she is expected to testify about some of the characteristics of battered women, why they return to their abusers - and what some of characteristics are of…

"Cold Justice" Heats Up Unsolved Murder Cases

This is my third blog post on TNT's new reality show, "Cold Justice".  Cold Justice pairs former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler with former Las Vegas CSI Yolanda McClary, who travel to small rural towns across America to look at unsolved murder cases.  Their first episode which aired Tuesday has already delivered results - the arrest of Ronnie Hendricks (see yesterdays post for details) for the murder of Pam Shelley. TNT lists an episode guide online, and 
I couldn't resist taking a peek and looking for details on those cases.  I was astonished at what they have accomplished in their first season.  This is more than just another crime drama, these ladies are committed and determined to bringing justice to those who may have escaped it previously in small towns that may lack the resources to bring a suspect to trial.

You can see the episode guide on their website. They give a brief description of the victims and circumstances of their deaths. Here is a list of this seas…