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Could the "Cold Justice" team get justice for Stacy Peterson?

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the reality TV show "Cold Justice".  In it's fourth season and now with Oxygen, former prosecutor Kelly Siegler teams up with seasoned detectives and travels across the country assisting law enforcement in smaller towns review their unsolved homicide cases.  They have had surprising results. Their work has helped to net many arrests, confessions and new information on some very old cases.  This is a great show.  There is a case that I'd LOVE to see them tackle; although it doesn't particularly fit their criteria because the case didn't occur in a small town with scare resources.  The case has been worked by many law enforcement agencies and I don't believe resources were an issue.  Nonetheless, why not try? The case I'm talking about is the disappearance (and presumed murder) of Stacy Peterson.

It's been a decade plus since the suspicious disappearance of former cop Drew Peterson's fourth wife Stacy.  Unfortunately she was most likely killed in the very home she shared with her killer husband Drew.  I find it most disturbing that this man has been able to escape justice in this particular case.  He nearly got away with the murder of 3rd wife Kathleen Savio, in fact if it had not been for the disappearance of Stacy, Savio's death may have remained an "accidental" death.

Drew Peterson is the obvious and only real suspect in Stacy's disappearance and probable murder.  Somehow he has been able to allude responsibility in this particular killing, more than likely drawing on his extensive experience in law enforcement to lessen the chances of the body being discovered.  The real question that needs to be answered is what did he do with her body?  It is widely believed that Stacy's body was placed in a large blue Rubbermaid type container.  Drew asked his half brother Thomas Morphey to help him move this container from upstairs of his home to his SUV.  Morphey immediately believed he had just helped move Stacy's body, however he did not go to the police right away.  Drew reportedly paid him several thousand dollars to assist him with this task, and Morphey allegedly had a drug abuse problem which Drew knew would make him a unlikely witness to the police.

Peterson had always claimed he could kill his wives and make it appear to be an accident.  He threatened Kathleen Savio with the claim and Stacy eventually figured out that Drew had killed Kathleen so when she showed signs of pulling away from him she became a potential witness and ceased being the wife he supposedly adored.  She simply knew too much and Peterson wasn't about to go to prison for killing Savio.  He believed he was above the law.  Having a second wife disappear within a short time of having your previous wife die a mysterious bathtub drowning death is very suspicious.  This shows that Drew believed he was smarter than his law enforcement colleagues and they may suspect there was a connection but he made certain they would have a hard time proving it.

Unfortunately we can strongly believe a person is responsible for a murder, but if they are careful and hide the body well and don't tell another single sole about what they have done - it's very possible for them to get away with murder.  Murderers usually get caught because they panic, they get sloppy and they are in such a hurry to get rid of the body and evidence that they choose the dump location poorly.  Peterson had been involved in law enforcement long enough to know what to do and what not to do.  He likely considered cell phone data and pings from both his and Stacy's cell phones.  He likely dumped the body at a time and location when the likelihood of him being seen was very small.  

I don't know the timeline in this case.  The day she disappeared, Stacy was supposed to help a friend paint a house.  Her last known phone call was around 10:25AM but she never made it to the friends home to paint.  Stacy's sister tried calling her repeatedly and the calls went to voicemail.  Stacy may have been dead by the time those calls went unanswered.  Her body may have remained in the home all day, with the kids there - hidden away in a closet or in that infamous blue Rubbermaid tub.  When Stacy was reported missing, Drew told anyone who would listen that she left him for a younger man, and she was probably sipping mai tai's on a beach somewhere in her bathing suit.  What a douche bag.

Stacy was particularly close to her sister Cassandra Cales, and to this day she has not given up on the search for her sister's remains.  What is it going to take to get the truth out of this sociopath Drew Peterson?  I believe he will take the secret of where Stacy's remains are to his grave.  I am not even certain if he was offered immunity and no additional prison time he would give up the information.  I'd much rather see him caught and prosecuted for murder.  What's it going to take?  Is there someone out there holding on to a terrible secret?  Would a reward with a meaningful amount of money persuade anyone with any knowledge to finally do the right thing?

Drew's prior wives were afraid of him.  His half brother is afraid of him.  Nobody should be afraid of Drew Peterson now.  His attempt to put a hit out on the prosecutor who got him convicted of murdering Savio was thwarted when an inmate sold him out.  I don't believe Peterson has the friends willing to do any type of violent favors for him any longer.  He's lost his power.  If somebody knows something, PLEASE contact the authorities.  It's time to end the suffering of Stacy's friends, family, children and the entire community.  Drew Peterson does not deserve protection or loyalty from anyone who may be harboring his evil secret.

I hope to one day see a headline that a grand jury has indicted him for Stacy's murder.  I just don't believe they have enough to do so at this point. Obviously she's not alive. She wouldn't be out of contact with her sister and would have never left her young children.  The thought that she ran off with another man is an insult that would only come out of the mouth of Drew.  He truly is the worst kind of monster.

There is another Drew Peterson special coming up on Investigation Discovery on August 25, 2017.  Will any new information be released?  Are the police still actively working on this cold case?  Could we lobby the Cold Justice team to get on this case?  I'd LOVE to see Kelly Siegler questioning Drew Peterson.  That would be something.

It is mind boggling when you hear about just how many men (and women) have murdered more than one spouse.  It's not always about money - with Drew Peterson it was a little of both; money and control.  He didn't want to lose half of his money to divorce with Savio, and he was quickly losing control of Stacy.  He simply couldn't let that happen, in addition to the fact that she knew he killed Savio.  In his mind, she had to die.

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