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Public Kicked Out of Jodi Arias Retrial

I haven't had as much time to watch for news relating to the highly secretive and closely guarded Jodi Arias retrial, and given that the public has been denied the right to view the trial on television I'm simply waiting to hear the outcome and hoping at some point it will be televised and we will know the end of this long drawn out drama.  There has been news relating to the dismissal of jurors and I believe the State has called most if not all of their witnesses.

It sounds like a condensed version of the original (pre-verdict) trial, with the Mesa Police Department recalling the events surrounding the murder of 30 year old Travis Alexander and one of the State's most important witnesses is arguably Dr. Kevin Horn, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy and recorded all of the injuries inflicted onto Travis. Both sides have made arguments over the sequence of injuries and whether Travis Alexander was shot in the head first or whether that injury came last, almost an afterthought in this overkill murder.  Does it really matter? Can anybody argue that this murder wasn't cruel or heinous regardless of whether he was stabbed or shot first?  I think the State put on enough witnesses who testified that Jodi Arias walked out of that "life or death" struggle with little damage to her person. This clearly appeared to be an ambush killing.  To continue to argue self defense is ridiculous.  

The defense is still trying to convince the jury that Travis Alexander was the real "bad guy" who pushed Arias to the brink of insanity with his callous and abusive behavior - using Jodi Arias as little more than a booty call.  Coupled with what they have described as an abusive childhood with two unsupportive parents, will it be enough to spare Arias from a life on Death Row?

Thursday's proceedings came to an abrupt halt, with Judge Sherry Stephens kicked the public and press out of the courtroom following what is being described as a secret meeting with attorneys on both sides.  Apparently she is allowing an Arias witness testify in complete and total secrecy, with only the jury,attorneys present - she reportedly allowed members of the Alexander family to remain.  Who is this top secret witness and what are they so afraid of?  This is highly irregular, and seems to be an over reaction on the part of the Judge!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  It's bad enough the whole trial has been top secret - does the Judge believe Jodi Arias' trial was more talked about and watched than the OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony or Dr. Conrad Murray trials?  So much for the concept of tranparency in the justice system.

Apparently Judge Stephens has a reason for closing the courtroom to the public and the press, but naturally her reasons and rulings are sealed so who knows?  All that we know is this mystery witness would not testify if what he or she says became public.  Who could this be and why are they so afraid to testify?  Arias and her attorneys have made a big stink about the fact that her mitigation witnesses backed out of trial #1.  We know at least one of those witnesses seemed to be more afraid of her own prior bad acts coming out at trial, and perhaps the potential for legal or financial repercussions. That witness instead said that they wouldn't testify because of "threats" made by the public.  Were any such threats ever validated? There has been no hints as to who this mystery witness is or what they have to add to Arias' mitigation case but sadly it's par for the course in this shameful trial.  His or her testimony has been sealed until the conclusion of the trial, and according to Judge Stephens it was "necessary for the administration of justice". Hmmm.

Also on Thursday, two of Travis Alexander's siblings reportedly gave tearful testimony about how the murder of their brother has effected their lives.  Steven Alexander told the jury he still had nightmares, ulcers and constant trauma from losing his older brother Travis.  He also told them he locks the door whenever he showers, clearly this is something that will forever be linked with the death of his brother.  How very sad how Jodi Arias has changed this family forever.

It appears by some of the newer still photos from the trial that Jodi Arias' hair is now shoulder length - did she just recently cut it so she could donate it to Locks of Love to show what a humanitarian she is?  Or is she selling that online too?  This is just too much!  The family and friends of Travis Alexander have to be seething over this trial and can you blame them?  Their brother was murdered in such a violent way and his killer is getting all of the consideration in the world while dragging him through the mud every step of the way.  I don't know what justice will look like at the end of this trial, but we can rest assured that regardless of the jury decision, the very best Jodi Arias can hope for is a fairly long stay in the Arizona prison system.  She may spend the rest of her life there, if her life is spared.  Do you think it should be?  Will the delays in getting this back into a courtroom help Arias in the long run?  Will this jury pool remain through the duration of the trial and deliberate to a unanimous decision one way or another?  I certainly hope so.


  1. Thanks for this update, My Forte. I had forgotten some of the facts about why Patti Womack had chosen not to testify during the mitigation phase last time; which were very pertinent. Good job!

    On Fri. the media attorney filed an expedited Petition to the Court of Appeals seeking a reversal of JSS’s closure order. Beth Karas said that she now believes that the secret witness must be Arias because what the judge did was so extremely rare that she can’t imagine that she would do this for any other witness. She also said that she is going on the record saying that she believes that the Court of Appeals will over rule JSS and open the courtroom and mandate that the transcript of the secret witness testimony be released to the media along with the court’s video of her testimony. The Court of Appeals is meeting right now and the jury is expected back at 1:15PM today.

  2. Oh my goodness, I just read that Nurmi is arguing to the C of A that the court room should be closed for ALL of the defense witnesses! Unbelievable, that he wants and Judge Stephens had granted him a secret trial.

  3. Look at this!!! JA leaked this PRIOR to Jodi testifying last Thurs!

    1. NancyB, how hideous can this all get? It's so sad that this Judge seems to be more interested in protecting the rights of the convicted murderer than the rights of the victim and the living victims, the family. Truly this is sad to see things go this far!

  4. Here's the video of today's Court of Appeals Hearing

  5. Some interesting info about all the money scams

  6. I agree with every word of what this former prosecutor says in this article about JSS. I was appalled at how poorly she was in controlling her courtroom during the 1st trial. I only watched small segments of the trial of Conrad Murray, who was convicted in the death of Michael Jackson, but that Superior Court Judge, Michael Pastor was stellar in preventing a 3 ring circus. First article that I've seen that places the blame where it belongs.

  7. This is just craven and delusional.

  8. And more -

    Lastly, why would appellate funds be going to Aunt Sue's PayPal account instead of directly into the bank account of the trust?


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