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Jodi Arias Won't Represent Herself

Is anybody surprised as her day of reckoning inches forward that Jodi Arias has flip-flopped once again about acting as her own attorney at her penalty phase retrial?  I didn't believe for a second that when it came trial time, Arias would be acting in that capacity - her motives for all of this is a mystery.  What we do know is that she does not like her lead attorney Kirk Nurmi, and many believe Arias was attempting to twist the Court's arm by acting as her own attorney unless they agreed to let Nurmi off the case.  Obviously that strategy backfired.  When Arias' Motion to represent herself was granted by the Judge, she received additional time out of her cell to conduct research and "witness interviews" at the Estrella jail complex where she has been held since July of 2008.  She also received additional phone calls acting in capacity of her own attorney and some believe this was part of her game as well.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has to be shaking his head at this point.  He struck back at Arias by asking for sanctions against her for failing to provide information she is required by law to give to the State, such as her witness list.  Arias and her defense team refused to give this list to the State and has been tight lipped around who will testify at trial.  I noticed on a 9/2/14 court minute entry the defense is now required to have defense witnesses ready for interview on 9/22/14 - that's just a week before jury selection is set to begin! That doesn't give the State much time to conduct their own investigations into these witnesses and gather information to impeach things they may say. This is just incredible that she seemingly has been allowed to run the show here:

IT IS ORDERED setting Capital Case Management Conference on 9/15/14 at 8:15 a.m. in this division.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED setting Oral Argument on David Bodney’s Request for Camera Coverage and Modification of May 21, 2014 Ruling on 9/15/14 at 8:30 a.m. in this division.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defense is to submit their witness names and addresses in a sealed document to this Court by 12:00 p.m. on 9/3/14.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the State is to schedule interviews with Defense witnesses through Defense and not contact the witnesses directly.
Defense counsel informs the Court that their expert is available to be interviewed by the State on 9/22/14.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all other interviews are to be scheduled and completed during the week of September 8, 2014.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Defense expert is to provide any raw data and scoring sheets to the State by 9/9/14.

Based on Defense Motion to Release Property and there being no objection by the State, IT IS ORDERED granting the motion and affirming that the Defense investigator may pick up the property listed in the motion.

Filed: Defendant’s Motion to Release Property
9:39 a.m. Matter concludes.

This case is eFiling eligible: http://www.clerkofcourt.m

So if I'm interpreting this correctly, the State cannot contact defense witnesses outright, rather they have to contact the defense to arrange interviews?  The second phrase I highlighted has to do with raw data and scoring sheets.  Will Arias introduce a new psychologist or new test results, hoping to validate that she suffered from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she argued she had during the trial?  I get the sense from these minute entries that she is still going to try to argue that she was a victim of domestic violence.  OK, I don't believe that but even if you give her argument some validity, there is so much evidence of a violent attack against Travis Alexander and so little injury to Arias that she's out of her mind if she thinks this murder was justified in any way.  This did not appear to be a kill or be killed argument with Travis.  It appears to have been an unprovoked ambush while he was vulnerable in the shower!

So much of this trial just infuriates, and it's all because of Jodi Arias and her inability to take responsibility for her cowardly act of violence. I have little doubt she could have walked out of that house, while Travis was showering or even if you believe he "body slammed" her over a dropped camera - she could have gotten out.  I don't believe a naked and wet Travis would have chased her into his front yard had she simply left.  As we know, Arias has hired her own investigator to review evidence from the crime scene - here is the latest minute entry from 9/4/14:

The Court has reviewed the For the Record (FTR) recording of the sealed court 
proceeding conducted on August 20, 2014. The minute entry for that date incorrectly stated the Court’s order.

IT IS ORDERED amending the Court minute entry dated August 20, 2014, page 3, paragraph 4, as follows.
Defendant requests that the State set a date and time certain for her investigator to review evidence maintained at the Mesa Police Department. The prosecutor will contact his case agent immediately following this hearing to schedule a date and time certain for that review to occur. The meeting shall occur on or before August 28.

So Jodi Arias, who has received a $2,000,000 plus defense free of charge now has funds to hire a private investigator.  Did the funds come from her supporters and sales of Arias' art or from her JA Appellate Fund?  I don't know what else to say about Jodi Arias, except for I cannot wait for this trial to conclude.  Since she killed Travis Alexander, it's been all about Jodi and her rights.  She's managed to drag her trial out for 6 long years, and even managed to put a year and a half between the guilty verdict and her sentencing.  I guess you have to hand it to her for learning how to work the system.


  1. Hi My Forte,

    Thanks for these updates. I still strongly believe that she has not spent one dime of her own "funds" on the new private investigator or anything else related to her defense for the up-coming penalty phase. There are no monetary limits in the Az. statutes for the upcoming sentencing phase; which is considered a part of her initial trial phase. Defense costs have to be approved by the court but I'm not aware of any monetary cap in Az.

    I remain seriously disappointed that Judge Stevens is not allowing real time cameras. To not have an open court room is very unusual not just in Az but in all states. We don't conduct trials in star chambers. All she had to do to serious limit the crazy circus was to not allow HLN and the rest to take over the entire space in the front of the courtroom. Move them to the way way back side of the court house. And place other restrictions on the media if necessary but NOT on the people's access to the court proceedings. So typical that Juan has to cram all of his trial prep of her witness into less than a week prior to voir dire beginning. I am curious to know what property she has asked to be returned.

  2. I hope you will be doing daily updates once the Jodi Arias trial begins! I enjoyed reading your updates during the first trial they were very informative.


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