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Jodi Arias - "I'm Going Radio-Silent Soon".....

Is convicted murderer and Maricopa County jail's most infamous inmate finally getting serious about her upcoming sentencing re trial? Known for her outrageous Tweets throughout her murder trial, on January 30th she sent out a message that she is going "radio-silent" soon.  Jury selection is set to (finally) begin on March 17, 2014 as the justice system will finally decide Arias' punishment for the heinous and brutal murder of 30 year old Travis Alexander nearly 6 years ago.

Facing the possibility of landing on Arizona's Death Row, it appears that perhaps the overtly vocal Arias may be trying to tone it down in the final months before her trial begins.  There have been countless Motions filed by her attorneys regarding potential jurors use of social media resources - while their client may be the most habitual user of these avenues while behind bars and seemingly oblivious to the life or death penalty she faces going into the trial's final phase. Arias took to Twitter at the end of January with a series of bizarre statements about the dangers of eating brown rice, poisoning the ocean and fish and her announcement about the upcoming radio silence:

Jan 29:  I'm going radio-silent soon...but first a few things.
Jan 29:  Stop eating brown rice. It has toxic levels of arsenic. Ditto 4 brown rice syrups & brown rice powder. Check cereal, energy food.
Jan 29: We poison the oceans and the fish, then harvest the fish that poison us.
Jan 30:  I recently read that drinking coffee or tea while eating seafood reduces the body's absorption of mercury by 50-60%.
Jan 30:  After today, I'm not going to tweet for a while. It's temporary but probably long term. This account will remain active.
Jan 30:  I'm thinking of giving control 2 someone else.  Hopefully they'll tweet updates and continue the quote trend, but that will be at their discretion. Whoever takes over this account for the time being will NOT be representing my views, opinions, philosophies, beliefs or creeds - but their own.
Jan 30:  Last thing for now: I'm crushed with mail. If you wrote and it made it past the red tape, please know that I hear u and feel your love. I'm humbled. 
Jan 30:  Signing off......

This woman is truly out of touch with reality. Why would anybody take advice from Jodi Arias about the potential dangers of consuming brown rice? Clearly she's had a whole lot of time to read magazine articles while passing time in lockup. She may be backing off Twitter for the time being, but who knows the real reason behind the self imposed radio silence.  Arias continues to solicit financial support to hire an attorney to represent her in the expected appeal following sentencing. Hey, this is the United States of America and everybody is entitled to legal representation in our country. If you happen to be able to afford a good attorney, good for you. I have no issues with that. What I find appalling about Jodi Arias is the way in which she has conducted herself since she was thrust into the spotlight back in 2008. Instead of being truly sorrowful about the crime she committed, she used her infamy as a springboard to launch herself further into the public spotlight - she truly seems to see herself as a brand, a celebrity of sorts. 

No remorse for taking a young man with a promising future out of this world forever. No apology to his family, his friends. What kind of person even has it in them to STAB another person that many times? But Arias didn't stop at stabbing, she chased her victim down and slashed his throat. And the evidence presented at trial showed that even after all that carnage was inflicted on Travis Alexander - she shot him in the face. In the FACE.  Then after a rushed clean up job and some snooping in his home, she slithered off to Utah and jumped into the arms of yet another man. That's just cold. It was calculated. I make no apologies for the person I see Jodi Arias to be.  I see her as a cold and calculated murderer. She told the jury that killing Travis was the biggest mistake she has made in her life.  But I got the feeling that she only meant that getting caught made it the biggest mistake. I don't think she's sorry she killed him. She's only sorry the police nailed her.

I'm thankful for the radio-silence. There are some crimes that are so cruel you never forget about them and what the victim must have gone through during those last terrifying moments of their lives. This is one of those crimes.  I recently read a blog article written about how people (women in particular) seem to like to unfairly trash attractive female defendants like Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias.  That's an overtly simplistic view. These young women may share a quality in that some see them as attractive, but each became household names because horrible crimes were committed. Casey Anthony was believed to have driven around in her car with her daughter's body in the trunk. She failed to report her own 2 year old missing for 31 days. 31 days!  I'm more inclined to think that Casey's own personal downfall was the lack of reporting, her fantasy life where she went to a job every day that did not exist and the fictional nanny. We may never know what really happened to little Caylee, but we certainly have a very good idea of what happened to Travis Alexander. He died a painful and terrifying death.

Jodi Arias' looks have nothing to do with the case or why the media has not particularly gone her way. Jodi did that all on her own.


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