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Arias Attorneys Want Jurors To Disclose Twitter Accounts

Defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott have asked Judge Sherry Stephens to ask all jurors in the upcoming penalty phase retrial for Jodi Arias to reveal if they have Twitter accounts.  Hmmmm….seems the Arias defense camp is concerned that jurors may send or receive tweets during the upcoming trial.  Isn’t that a little ironic, coming from a defendant who is notorious for sending out tweets out during the guilt phase of her own murder trial? 

In a motion filed by the Arias defense team, they claim one of the alternate jurors, Tara Kelley (Juror #17) used Twitter and had communicated with a member of the media via Twitter. They further claim Kelley made a comment on Facebook about Jodi Arias’ temper.  Apparently Kelley believed she could view social media as long as she didn’t discuss the trial.  I’m not sure what part of Judge Stephens daily admonishment about discussing the case in any manner this alternate juror did not understand, but I’d hate to be the juror who’s action gives Arias grounds for an appeal.

Yes, social media SHOULD include the use of Twitter, and nobody involved in the trial should be engaging in this type of activity during a trial.  Nurmi and Willmott argued in a motion that “Twitter allows those who would like to influence Ms. Arias’ jury  to communicate in a way that could go undetected”. For once, I agree with the defense in that all members of the jury (even the alternates) should be prohibited from using all social media during the trial and deliberations.  This should naturally include Jodi Arias as well.

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