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Jodi Arias Trial - State's Theory Of Murder Plot Is Chilling

When Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez began his closing arguments yesterday morning, he laid out a carefully planned and well orchestrated killing for the jurors who will decide Jodi Arias' fate in the coming days. The prosecutor known for his fiery demeanor and aggressive style began the morning with a sarcastic recap of Jodi Arias, the victim. "She likes to play the victim", he told the jury and a packed court room. He then recapped Arias' relationships with men, and reminded everybody of the similarities in the way Arias happened upon the many e-mails and text messages of ex boyfriend Bobbie Juarez and Travis Alexander that she read. He chastised Arias for pointing the finger at Travis Alexander for being "a bad Mormon" and engaging in sexual activity, telling the jury "she's just as Mormon as he was" (I loved that!).  I also loved when he referred to the field of lies that sprouted around Arias as she testified.

His theme throughout the morning session was how Jodi Arias refused to take blame for anything that happened in her failed relationships and her life in general, "this is an individual who hit her mother and called her sister stupid", Martinez said. He then went over the known lies Arias has told the jury on the stand, beginning with the return of the gas can to WalMart. "She looked each and every one of you in the eye and lied to you, under oath". He then began to tell a story of premeditated murder. He believe the plan or thought to kill Alexander began around 5/26/08, after Travis Alexander sent Arias an angry text message in which he told her she was evil, and the worst thing that ever happened to him. Just two days later, a .25 caliber gun was reported as stolen from Arias' grandparents home where she was living. The murder plot was put into motion.

Martinez's description of this trip to Mesa was chilling. Under the State's theory, it's possible that Travis Alexander didn't even know Arias was on her way to his home when he talked to her while she was in Pasadena. Martinez believes Arias just showed up, shortly after 4:00AM and Travis Alexander was awake and on his computer. Having already removed the front license plate from her rental car and dyed her hair dark brown, Arias snuck into the garage and used his security code to gain entry to his house. If it really happened this way, it's even more creepy and heinous than I ever imagined. The only question I have around this theory is that most homes that I've been in that have these types of security systems make some type of "beep" when you enter. Not an alarm, which would go off if you didn't use the code, but a beep. I'm sure there are numerous different systems out there so I may be way off, but I'm surprised that Napoleon didn't begin barking the moment a car pulled up or somebody opened the door?

Martinez's step-by-step description of how he believes Jodi Arias lured Travis Alexander into the shower, posing him in the vulnerable position he was in before she delivered the first stab wound to his chest was spot on. Of the two possible scenarios, the defense's story and the prosecution's story - this is the one that fits. This is the one that makes sense, this is the one that fits the evidence. The way that Jodi Arias followed an injured Travis Alexander from place to place, continuing to attack him as he struggled to get away, and then to live - was just bone chilling. She was relentless. Even though Travis was gravely injured and bleeding from several places, Arias followed him out of the bathroom, down the hall where he collapsed. It was there that she cut his throat. Just cold blooded murder. There was no "provocation", this was not self defense. The prosecutor's closing argument firmly supports premeditated murder.

What will the defense say in their closing argument?  Will they continue to try to portray Jodi Arias as a victim on Travis' deviant sexual behavior and physical and mental abuse?  Continuing down the path of blaming the victim could be very dangerous for them at this point. If they sense the jury doesn't buy the abuse claims, it could further anger them that they are being played by this defense team and by the defendant. I don't know what Nurmi will say, but I'm guessing they have little choice but to play the hand they have been dealing out to this jury. Good luck with that.


  1. I don't know how true this is but I've been hearing Nurmi is "under the weather" and that Wilmott will do the closing. Either way, they're both difficult to watch. Jodi can put on her "oh woe is me, I'm such a victim" face today.

    This is a great video if you haven't seen it before.

  2. Nurmi also put in a motion of protection to
    not to prefer to Travis Alexander as the victim.
    And in the penalty phase that she passed a
    lie detector test, most sociopaths can easily pass
    this test. And a motion of protection because of
    Jodi's lack of remorse.

  3. I can't even stand to watch or listen to Nurmi. Being sick will be s good excuse when JA gets the death penalty . If she doesn't get the death penalty every evil pretty woman out there will try to follow in her footsteps if the desire should arise. I am praying this jury sees through her soulless eyes.

  4. The only true thing that Nurmi has said so far is
    that he doesn't like Jodi either, but he was stuck
    with her on this trial, have you noticed how he
    keeps his distance from her, when Wilnotshutup
    was questioning Dr. Horn.

  5. Hi guys, I am kind of worried now after I listened one person on HLN analyzing Nurmi's argument so far. He said Juan yesterday gave a chance to the defense to talk about this covert mission by not explaining very well that the premeditation also can happen right while she was with Travis that day. Now the defense attacking this premeditation as if it never happened to win at least one Juror, which she needs. What do you think? I am not happy now.

    1. Hi Anon, I actually don't agree with that. Juan said a few times that is doesn't have to be a month or weeks or days or hours or even minutes to be premeditation. I wonder why they thought that wasn't clear?

      Don't worry Juan will juin!


  6. Didn't jodi say she took the rope with her and throw it away? What is Nurmi is talking about?

    1. Yes, she said she must have.

  7. Remember, Juan gets the last word in :)

  8. I am following the trial on line live. So far the defense are not saying, at least to me, how her severe abuse leads her to kill Travis brutally. can anyone of you think this argument gets to the Jury mind to give her a manslaughter?


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