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Arias Jury Begins 1st Full Day of Deliberations

It's Monday, May 6th 2013. Today marks the first full day of jury deliberations in the Jodi Arias murder trial. While it's impossible to guess how long the deliberations will go, or what the outcome will be nonetheless the end of this long journey from arrest to conviction is nearing. There's less than zero chance that Jodi Arias will be acquitted of this brutal and violent crime. Many people were shocked and outraged when Casey Anthony was found not guilty of all of the serious crimes she was charged with, but this is a whole different matter and I whole heartily believe there will be a just outcome. The Casey Anthony verdict was unpopular - the jury deliberated for 10 hours and 40 minutes before she was found not guilty of anything but lying to the police. 

Quite possibly the most outrageous not guilty verdict was that delivered in the OJ Simpson case. Jurors deliberated for less than 4 hours before letting the former football star walk. Jodi Arias is not OJ Simpson. Don't expect her to walk due to popularity or  questionable police work. The police work done in this case was by the book. Arias made a few key mistakes that prevented her from getting away with this crime. Kirk Nurmi tried to capitalize on the IQ test results and turn her mistakes into evidence - suggesting that she was smart enough to not leave so much incriminating evidence behind. The kind of argument that bordered on silly. So Jodi Arias is not an accomplished murderer, but make no mistake she did commit murder.

Had Jodi Arias taken the camera with her and been more careful with the blood evidence (palm print, hair) and had she not told Darryl Brewer she was going to Mesa, she may have very well gotten away with this murder. Despite her attempts to cover her tracks, I find it so ironic that the instrument of her own destruction would be a camera. What happens now? When a verdict is returned, the judge will set a sentencing date, usually within 30 days. 

There have been a surprising number of women who have been convicted of horrible and heinous homicides of their husbands and loved ones. I've named several on other blog posts (Wendi Andriano, Susan Wright, Susan Polk, Nancy Kissel) and there are many more cases out there. Some of these women you'd never expect to get a parking ticket let alone kill somebody. Take Nancy Seaman, a 52 year old elementary school teacher who was arrested and convicted of hacking husband Robert 15 times with a hatchet before stabbing him 21 times. She claimed self defense a la battered women's syndrome. Seaman took steps to wrap and conceal her husbands body in the back of their SUV, clean up the garage where the killing occurred and she went to teach  classes the following day. She was arrested three days later after a relative reported Robert Seaman missing and his body was found wrapped in plastic in the back of the couples SUV at their home.

Lenore Walker, who coined the phrase "battered women's syndrome" was called to testify at Nancy Seaman's trial, even know she had never interviewed Seaman. Her belief that Seaman did suffer abuse at the hands of her husband was based on reports from another psychologist (sound like Geffner?). She was not allowed to tell the jury she believed Seaman was a battered woman because Michigan law precludes the testimony because it's not classified as a mental illness. Under cross examination, Dr. Walker admitted that battered women's syndrome alone, less the self defense component is not a justification for killing.  Nancy Seaman was convicted and is now serving a life sentence.

The jury who heard the trial against the Menendez brothers deliberated for 4 days before finding them guilty of killing their wealthy parents. The Susan Wright jury deliberated for 5 1/2 hours before finding her guilty of 2nd degree murder for stabbing her husband to death. As far as jury deliberations go, it's anyone's guess. The jury sets their deliberation schedule, and this jury will deliberate during normal court hours according to reports from HLN News last Friday. We are now officially on verdict watch. The clock is ticking. Wanna know what Jodi Arias has been up to? Her latest tweets have been to garner support for "other victims of domestic violence" (monetary support!), in another recent tweet she complained that her commissary order didn't arrive. Poor thing! Is that grounds for an appeal or lawsuit against Maricopa County? And the most appalling of all tweets - on 5/3 she tweeted "Just the friendly FYI, I am NOT profiting from my artwork, but it seems like everyone else is".  There were several other tweets announcing new and old art pieces that will be for sale on her website, which is run by a friend out here in the free world.
Yeah, she's not profiting - who is?


  1. And don't overlook her May 3rd twit: "Hypocrisy bugs. Wish we could shine a spotlight on all of Juan's lies, lies he's made on record over the years in a court of law." Unbelievable!

  2. Interesting cases you brought up My Forte. I had heard of them all except for Nancy Seaman. It sounds like she butchered her husband in a similar manner as Jodi butchered Travis.

    The self defense claim is so beyond ridiculous. For one thing, abusive men do not want you to leave, they will do everything to try and put roadblocks up because abuse is all about control. Travis did not ask Jodi to move to Mesa, she did it on her own and he was VERY excited about her leaving AZ and going back to Yreka. That is not the controlling behavior you see in an abuser, they want you close by so they can work at breaking you down and controlling your every move. Even someone who is only emotionally abusive, and not physical, wants that type of control. Jodi was able to live an independent life, she was able to work and earn her own income...a truly abusive man would not have allowed that. Not to mention, he wouldn't suddenly become abusive at the age of 30, there would be a pattern leading back to his prior relationships.

    Jodi clearly knew how to push Travis' buttons and enjoyed doing so, in her warped mind negative attention from him was better than no attention at all. I also read a while back that shirt she had which said "Travis Alexander's" on it was made by Travis to promote his blog. On the back it said Bigger Better Blog with his web address. It was not custom made for Jodi...just like the non-existent Spidey undies!

    She lies and lies and then lies some more. She can't even keep her mouth shut with her pathetic tweets from prison via her fellow convict friend.

    What normal person would want a piece of her artwork? Can you imagine? The joke's on them if they pay even so much as a penny for that!

    I don't even think I want to hear the verdict live, it'll cause me way too much anxiety! I just hope the jury see's through all her lies and hands down a M1 and nothing less.

  3. Interesting radio interview with Chris Hughes.

  4. and another interesting fact about the Travis Alexander shirt & undies,candy, that supposed to
    be mailed from Travis on Feb. 14, 2007, nothing was noted in her journal about the gift, this
    was and after thought to dream up
    a story about the deviant behavior of Travis and she didn't takes pics of T-shirt & stuff until July 2008 just before her arrest.

  5. I have been out of the loop since Friday, so if this has already posted, sorry. I will catch up tomr.


    The gesture JA made during JM’s rebuttal. The throat slash. It is a split screen. JM is talking about premediation and JA, wearing that black sweater set, gestures as though slashing her throat. Did you see the clip?

    1. Nancy B, someone posted that link here yesterday. I watched it this morning and it sent some serious chills down my spine. She is TOTALLY doing a slashing motion! She's so crazy that, no matter what, she can't hide it.

  6. I love reading this blog. You guys are so correct in your evaluations:). I just can't wait for the verdict.

  7. It’s real!! I just found it. Croaker queen, day 56, part 4, at 53:51. When you get the context, watch like 1 minute before, it’s really obvious it’s not a scratch because its right after Juan talks about how she stuck it (the knife) in him and slashed his throat.

    1. No disrespect to My Forte by posting this link to another blog but you just have to look at the GIF she posted, it's Jodi peeking through her fingers at the death pics.

  8. Did anyone notice during PROS rebut closing arguments, JA shakes her head NO when Martinez says she chased him down the hall to finish him does she know that is incorrect when she can't recall anything after the gunshot???? Hope the jury saw it.

    1. If you really get into the nitty gritty, how does she even know Travis was still trying to kill her if she remembers nothing after the gunshot!

    2. I noticed all that head shaking, too. That woman can't keep her lies straight.


  9. That must be the same Dr. Lenore Walker. That Nancy Grace interviewed recently. Interesting.

    Yes, My Forte, I saw that, too. JA's tweet that she's not profiting from her art, but everyone else is. I wonder who "everyone else" is. I imagine it is just her.

  10. MUST WATCH! Jodiariasisinnocent Exposing Simon Johansson's SCAM

    Help stop these scammers from profiting from high profile cases like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias and prevent these scum from making money off others.

  11. Complaint Review:

    Via Ripoff Report:


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