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Lifetime Planning Jodi Arias Movie

We knew it was just a matter of time, but Lifetime has announced they are planning a movie based on the Jodi Arias murder trial.  Lifetime is known for bringing "docudramas" to their network, having already made movies about Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Susan Wright ("The Blue Eyed Butcher"), Phillip Markoff ("the Craigslist Killer") and many other high profile cases.

I bet Jodi Arias loves the idea of having a movie based on HER, even if portrays her as a ruthless murderess . So who would be the best choice to play Arias? I've been thinking about this for some time now - it was a safe bet there would be a made-for-TV movie about this case, and if any of you saw the "The Perfect Husband", I think Sarah Brown would be a great pick to play Arias.  Sarah Brown played the role of Kate Vignatti, one of Laci's good friends who was married to Tommy Vignatti.  Sarah Brown is probably best known for her role as "Carly Corinthos" on General Hospital. Back in GH's heyday, the role of Carly was recast several times, but Sarah Brown probably was the fan favorite. Her nose is very similar to Arias', and she has been a blond and a brunette in roles over the years:

She's a pretty good actress and already has a few Lifetime TV projects under her belt. Another factoid about Sarah Brown, she's from Eureka, CA, not Yreka but Eureka, so there you have it! Tomorrow morning before court resumes, the attorneys will meet with Judge Stephens to hash out Dr. Richard Samuels testimony, and what he will be allowed to render an opinion on.  Someone left a hilarious comment on one of the previous blogs, referring to Samuels as "Dr. Fog"! I was literally laughing out loud. 

The only other defense witness I found on the list that's available to the public is Kimberly Ross, a former cell mate of Jodi Arias. I wonder what she could possibly have to offer as testimony? They wouldn't be calling her to the stand if she didn't have something they believe would be beneficial to Jodi Arias.  But again, Arias more than likely lied to the people she's been housed with - so why would we believe her to be credible if her testimony is based on what Arias may have told her?  Just goes to show what an extremely weak defense case they have - when your case consists of a murder defendant, "Dr. Fog" and a former cellmate who also has a lengthy record?

A comment was left on a previous posting on whether or not the jury will be able to find Arias guilty of a lesser charge than first degree murder.  What I was able to find was a document from 7/9/08 where Jodi Arias was indicted on:

  • One Count of First Degree Murder under two theories:

  1. Premeditation
  2. Felony Murder
It appears that these are the only charges the jury can consider. I'm not certain if the judge can add "lesser included charges" such as second degree murder or  manslaughter. I'll do some more poking around to see if the lesser charges can be added after the trial has began and/or after it has concluded.  I don't believe they can be, but I'm no lawyer!

I do know that in July of 2011, Kirk Nurmi submitted a memo to the prosecutor on behalf of Jodi Arias in relation to a possible plea deal in which Arias would plead guilty to second degree murder. The State said "no thanks". Tune in to tomorrow's court proceedings and see what else Dr. Samuels has to say about his 12 interviews with Arias - I may have to throw something at my television if Judge Stephens allows him to comment on whether the crime scene appears to show premeditation - that was one of the more ludicrous moments from last week. There is no way he can make that type of assessment and even with a special jury instruction, he should not be allowed to say anything close to that.  Neither side should -  just my opinion.

Who do you think would be a good fit to play Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander on the made-for-TV movie about this tragedy?  Please leave your suggestions in the comment section! Enjoy your weekend and Happy St. Patrick's day!


  1. My Forte - Another excellent article! I love that you call him Dr Fog.

    Here is another great article that clearly reveals Dr Fog's ineptitude and goals as a paid Expert Fog Dr for the defense.

    1. Hi NancyB,
      I can't take credit for the "Dr. Fog" reference, a "Anonymous" post coined Dr. Samuels with "Dr. Fog" - I got a good laugh out of that! Thanks for pointing me to this website, I'll check out the posing you referenced! Thanks NancyB

  2. Talking about movies, this movie was mentioned on Jodi's
    MySpace.. House Of The Flying Daggers = Love triangle &
    Betrayal. This site talks about the movie.

  3. Great article from the Phoenix New Times:

    Psycho Killer: Jodi Arias' Kinky Death-Penalty Trial

    The cover artwork is fantastic.
    If you live in the Phoenix area....
    Pick up a couple of copies!

    1. Anonymous,
      I'll check out the article online. I actually did live in Phoenix from 1997-1999, but moved back to Northern CA. I look forward to reading this article! Thanks for the tip and comment.

  4. Good suggestion to play Jodi.


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