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Arias Defense Complains About "Rock Star" Conduct of Juan Martinez!

HLN correspondent Jean Casarez was called to the stand this morning in a hastily called hearing on prosecutor Juan Martinez's "Rock Star" conduct! Arias defense attorney Kirk Nurmi had Casarez called into the courtroom and sworn in and he questioned her about something she said on air yesterday when she was reporting on the Jodi Arias Murder trial.

I was floored when instead of seeing Alyce LaViolette take the stand this morning, the defense is claiming that Casarez reported seeing a juror witnessing Juan Martinez taking photographs with the public yesterday in front of the courthouse. When on the stand, Casarez corrected Nurmi and told the court that she reported that she hadn't witnessed this, rather - she was shown a clip with Martinez and some supporters outside the courtroom and she commented that she would be concerned if a juror saw this happening.

This is outrageous, and what are the odds the defense will try to get a mistrial out of this comment?  Why don't they concentrate on getting their case done and quit racking up billable hours on this nonsense. Meanwhile, Arias has sold at least 8 sketches, and has a supporter website where donations are taken to fund her commissary needs while she sits in jail! Where is the justice?

Outraged and it's not even 10:30AM.


  1. This trial is costing so much, the taxpayers in
    Arizona I feel for them.. Wouldn't it be cheaper
    to give her a full lunch and snacks thru out day
    during this trial, instead of fighting with the sheriff
    about food, because of this court was cancelled
    yesterday.. Outrageous!! Let's get this trial over
    with, the jury is probably so sick of the crap.

  2. I have never seen a trial like this one. JW seems only capable of using multiple leading questions to cue this witness' testiphony. Now I see that JW's script will involve a total rehashing of every sexual encounter between Travis & JA. She may not even be done next Tues. Just crap. Oh, and I don't believe that psychotherapists who buy a magazine subscription and 4 books (presumably on this topic of battered women) is not crossing an ethical boundary! Baloney. All of their testiphony lines up because it's all well rehearsed.

  3. I'm with you, NancyB. I can see I am not the only one that is a bit disgusted with Miss LaViolette.

  4. Too bad ALV can't speak with Travis. : (


  5. Jaun Martinez fights for the Truth!

    Kirk Nurmi defends Rapists and

    Have you been accused
    of committing a sexual offense?
    At the Law Office of L. Kirk Nurmi we understand that you do not have to commit a sexual offense to be accused of being a sex offender.

  6. I am outraged, too. This is getting painful to watch.


  7. Create Travis Alexander's Law: Stop Allowing Highly Prejudicial Claims Against Murder Victims Without Evidence

    1. Hey, Anon, thanks! I have a question for anyone that has input. Why would this judge allow the pediphilia testimony if a) ALV had a different version, pointing to the fact that it is most likely a lie. b) the pediphilia letter was not proven to be written by Travis.

      IMO, this should not have been allowed in at all. It is slanderous. And again it's just Jodi's evidence. This is really making me angry.


  8. Anon - Thanks for posting the petition! I know that it's important to the family. In a thank-you note I received from Samantha today for a donation I sent them, she included it at the bottom of her email.

    Trial costs have now exceeded a million bucks!

  9. NancyB
    Thank you
    You are one smart son of a.....
    Again We ask.....
    Are you from Arizona?
    Nothing Wierd...
    All A.O.K.!

  10. Afghan Villagers Flee Their Homes, Blame US Drones

  11. Anon - Nope, not AZ. live in CA. :)

  12. I heard on new video when Det. Flores was
    questioning Jodi she told him that she took self
    defense classes 8 yrs. ago. On her MySpace
    interest list, Mixed Martial Arts, some deal with
    knives. Remember in the rental car they found
    knives in with her books. Also Matt McMarthey
    on old MySpace pic, said occupation was
    Ninja. Matt's Info from chrisstark@stark3923

  13. I don't understand defense using the word Deviant.
    Mormons are encouraged to meet people in
    single wards, date other people until they find
    a person that they want to marry. Mimi Hall even
    talked about it on the stand. I think Travis would
    have married Lisa Andrews had Jodi moved on.
    Timeline: Travis & Jodi broke up June 2007, started dating Lisa in July 2007, Jodi moves to
    Arizona in July 2007. No job or housing.

  14. I no more believe that Travis was a "deviant" sexual or otherwise then I believe that he gave her ANY reason to fear for her life. Just more of her self serving lies.

    The letter that JW was getting ALV to "summarize" yesterday, the judge had previously ruled was not admissible and is not in evidence.

    It infuriates me that she is allowing this testiPHONY but have no fear! Sky Hughes is listed on Martinez' rebuttal list and he will make it crystal clear to the jury through the questions that he poses to Sky what this is all about.

    Nurmi LIED to Sky & Chris Hughes and this letter, that Alyce is summarizing in her testiphony is a PHONY letter. And she knows this but this is what the defense has paid her for! Strategy!!!

    Travis never wrote it. If you review Chris Hughes testimony from back in Jan - about the 10th trial day - he basically admitted to Nurmi in open court that he had referred to Nurmi as 'a lying snake' in a conversation that he had with another snake, Gus Scercy.

    Chris also adamantly testified that the letter was a total fake, even though Nurmi lied in open court and stated that a hand writing analyst had confirmed that Travis wrote it.

    The whole defense strategy is despicable. Jodi has testified to the Domestic violence, so there is already evidence of DV before the jury. Now, Jodi is a liar extraordinaire, so the jury might choose to disbelieve her. Hopefully.

    And Alyce is going to say (probably) that Jodi's behavior is consistent with that of a victim of DV, and that a reasonable victim of DV would have interpreted Travis's alleged "body slam" on June 4 as requiring a response with deadly force.

    The reason for trying to prove this is that, Arizona has a special self-defense law for victims of DV. If you are a victim of DV, your response to an attack is judged by how a reasonable victim of DV would react, rather than how a reasonable "person" would react.

    Jodi never SAID that she interpreted Travis' attack as requiring a response with deadly force. She said she never intended to shoot him at all, and thought the gun was unloaded!

    She believed that his actions justified a "scaring him off with a gun he would have known was unloaded" response, not a "shooting him in the head response."

    So. If I were the prosecutor, I would object to her testifying to how a reasonable DV victim would respond since Jodi never claimed to have responded that way. Frankly, I would object to her testimony in its entirety as irrelevant, for the same reason.

  15. Here's a short vid from a psychologist about the defense's "so called" expert, Dr. Richard Samuels.

  16. Here is someone wanting their 15 min. of fame.
    Go to youtube type in Gus searcy sued by
    daughter. He was on Judge Judy.

  17. Gus Searcy has his own channel
    on the Youtubes.

    Check out:
    The Charm of Gus Searcy


  18. Great posts everyone! I found a site through Chris Stark. A psychologist talks about Jodi's lying and basically says she has antisocial personality disorder.!/entry/diagnosing-jodi-arias-part-two-of-three,6881/1


  19. I am VERY impressed with your blog! Just found it this weekend, and have now stayed up until 1 am to finish reading all that you have written about the Jodi Arias circus.

    I think Mr. Martinez should ask this current witness only four questions when he gets to cross examine: "thank you for the illuminating testimony about domestic violence. I only have a few questions for you and for the sake of brevity for the length of this trial so far, and for these jurors who have been seated since last year already, please only respond with a yes or a no. Question one: can the victim of domestic violence be a male? Question two: is it more likely that a stalker would be a domestic violence perpetrator than the person being stalked? Question three: Has any domestic abuse victim ( who lives two states away from the abuser) ever driven 1000 miles to "enjoy" the efforts of their abuser? And finally, question four: is all of your knowledge about this case derived from the words (whether spoken or written) of this woman? [while pointing at JA]. No further questions"

    One other quick question...on a different topic. Does anyone else think that Jodi didn't merely kick "Doggie Boy" with her right foot those many years ago? I find it interesting that the "dog ran away and we never saw him again". Don't most sociopaths/psychopaths kill animals before they kill their first human? I bet the "kicked dog and he ran away" was the excuse she gave her parents when the dog disappeared. Most dogs wouldn't run away never to be seen again if they were only kicked once. Just a thought.

    1. Good point about sociopaths killing animals. Jodi's interview with Flores kind of sounds suspicious, too.....about the dog. Didn't he ask her if she ever was violent? And she sits there thinking and then remembers, oh yeah, that dog I killed.....I'll just say I kicked it and he'll think I am a wonderful person for being soooooooo honest. (Sorry, I am getting's all Jodi's fault, really).

      Great questions for the prosecuted, too. Wouldn't that leave a lasting impression? 4 concise questions.


  20. What I think is Jodi killed Doggy Boy, that's
    why he never came back, her co-worker
    talked about how she treated the cat she was
    taken care of. And other thing that strikes
    me odd about the camping trip Jodi was
    going on with some men from work she
    said she bought the 9mm, she said it was better
    to have it & not need it, then need it & not have
    it, so Jodi sounds like she would kill again. IMO.

  21. The judge hasn’t even ruled yet on the previous accusations of Juan’s so called misconduct or the defense’s request for a mistrial and here they come with more accusations!

    Now of juror #5 misconduct & calling again for a mistrial. I heard on the news that the judge completed the interviewing of all jurors on Thurs after testimony ended for the day and the jury is still intact so that is a good sign. This is another sideshow that will delay the testiphony resuming with ALV for a good few hrs. at least.

    I’ll tell ya, the defense were very busy on Easter Sunday arranging for more crapola to delay. They probably could tell from reviewing the juror statements from last Thursday when the judge interviewed them that #5 has no use for JA’s bull crap and lies. They now must know that she is a prosecution juror and that’s why they want her off. This is just my guess. It will be interesting to see what they pull out of their bag of trickery tomr.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this sleazy defense team attempted this even once more before the jury deliberates. I think this is the 4th time they've asked for a mistrial! Here is the court document.

  22. NancyB:
    Captain Kirk is Koo-Koo ville daddyoo!
    Thanks for the informatio, excuseme, I'm going to jump out window right now.

  23. NancyB, You are so right!! and J.H.C. too funny..
    Texts, Sex & Lies, oh my.. v.s Responsibility &
    the Consequence.. time is running out for the
    Money Train, It's the prosecutor's fault, mom, dad
    Travis, his friends everybody's at fault but poor
    little Jody. Squirmy Nurmi & Wilmott don't want
    this to end.. now they want to blame the poor
    jury, that has to continue to listen to this crap..
    They need to get back to the real reason of the
    case Travis Alexander..

  24. Via Phoenix New Times:
    * Somebody's trying to sell the March 14 edition of the Phoenix New Times, which features an awesome cover and our comprehensive article on the Jodi Arias case, for $13.59. It's a fairly steep price, considering that New Times is a free paper. But of course it's actually worth much, much more -- and we've got more of them in our office, if someone's buying.

  25. The Judge knows that the State compelling evidence!
    Dont't Draw the curtatin the Drama has just Begun!

  26. Check it out guys......Sandy Arias police interrogation on Dr. Drew. Sandy asks,"how could someone do this and act like nothing happened?" (Paraphrased)

    There is an interview with her dad, too....he puts together the stolen gun with Jodi's crazy behavior. 2+2.

    The jury needs to see these interviews.


  27. I seen both videos, I knew that she must have
    had issues, Mom said Jodi had mental problems.
    She must have been a nightmare to raise, they
    probably was happy when she moved out at 16.
    She is lying about the abuse in the house, I don't
    think the parents abused Jodi, she is just trying to
    save her behind, as long as Dad & Mom don't take the stand this will never come out.

  28. You know she will say anything to save her butt. The testimony about her father slapping her face.....I was more struck by the part about her sneaking out in the middle of the night. Most parents would want to smack a kid that did that. The worry alone.....although at that point it was more likely they couldn't take it anymore. She sounds like she was a very difficult child to raise.


    1. Sue,
      The discipline by the parents seemed to be appropriate, didn't it? What would most parents do if they caught their daughter sneaking out at night? Did she have any idea how dangerous that was? If they didn't do anything, they would've been tagged as bad parents for not caring enough to do something. I don't condone hitting your child, but there's a difference between a "spanking" and a beating! Sandy Arias told Det. Flores that Jodi had been making up this horrible childhood and she even confronted her on it - so it sounds like this was going on long before. Sounds like she was a manipulative and rebellious child, right??


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