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Gus Searcy Says Arias Called Him After Murder

It's been awhile since we first heard about Gus Searcy, a Pre Paid Legal employee who was called early in the trial (see January 29 post "Fireworks in The Courtroom") and openly sparred with Prosecutor Juan Martinez because of Searcy's antagonistic responses.

The defense team alleged there was "Prosecutorial Misconduct" in that Gus Searcy had left phone messages for Martinez and the State didn't return his calls.  There was misconduct alleged for the States handling of two other potential witnesses, Chris & Sky Hughes. I'd have to go back and look at my notes from that day to get more specific, however - I do recall Mr. Searcy being argumentative and non responsive, and Juan Martinez had clearly had enough of him.

What I recall from Searcy's testimony is that he never really said anything that left any impact - instead, what was most memorable from his testimony is the very high opinion he seems to have of himself as he explained what it takes to reach a "Director" level in PPL and what an achievement it is to receive a "ring" and be a ring wearer.  He testified briefly about his business relationship(s) with Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, but there didn't seem to be anything of substance.  Yet there was some mystery around some statements he made, such as "I have some information that could either help Jodi Arias or hurt Jodi Arias".  

Court was in recess Thursday and Friday, but low and behold Mr. Searcy is taking to the airwaves and gave several interviews on the HLN Network late last week, in which we finally found out what this "information" that he had was.  Searcy told Dr. Drew that murder defendant Jodi Arias called him at 3:15AM on the morning of June 5, 2008 and told him that Travis Alexander was dead.  He claims she was "hysterical", crying - yet Searcy never called the Mesa police department and asked them to do a welfare check on the Alexander home.  Instead, he asked Arias if she was alright and he asked where she was.  She told him she was in California - which we know is not true.  At 3:15AM on June 5, 2008 - Arias would've either been:

A)  On her way to Utah to see Ryan Burns 


B)  At Travis Alexander's home

What Searcy told Dr. Drew didn't make any sense to me.  He told Dr. Drew that he didn't call the police department until AFTER Jodi Arias was arrested.  She was arrested on July 15, 2008 - if he was told by Arias that Travis Alexander was dead on June 5, 2008, this would've been a full 4 days before friends entered the home and found his body on June 9, 2008.  Why didn't Searcy call the police or 911?  If somebody told you that an acquaintance was dead, wouldn't you be curious and ask a few questions?  Like "what happened", or "how did it happen"?  A healthy 30 year old man shouldn't just die.  So if YOU found out a mutual acquaintance had died, wouldn't you discuss it with other business acquaintances, family or friends?  Why the silence between June 5 and July 15th?  

Searcy went on the same company sponsored trip to Cancun that Travis Alexander was supposed to go on June 10, 2008.  If Arias told him Travis had died, and 5 days later he goes on the Cancun trip and obviously Alexander isn't there, you mean to tell me the topic wouldn't come up?  This was a PPL sponsored trip!  This just doesn't ring true.  He further claimed that he "wasn't following the news" about Travis Alexander in the weeks that followed - as if somebody telling you about a person's death 4 days before the body is found wouldn't give you reason to pause?  Was Gus Searcy protecting Jodi Arias?  I wonder when Searcy gave Arias that new phone?

Searcy is now enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.  My first impression of him hasn't changed, he wants to get something out of this tragedy. He has used this brutal murder and it's now infamous defendant to further his own personal and business pursuits.  I find it very odd that he never thought to check with other PPL people after Arias told him Alexander was dead, and he didn't come forward with any of this information until after Jodi Arias was arrested.  He had to have known by then that she was involved.  She called him 4 DAYS BEFORE HIS BODY WAS FOUND!!

As Ms. Arias returns to the witness stand on Tuesday, her 7th day of testimony - will we finally get to the date that really matters in this trial - June 4, 2008?  The jury has heard enough, the public has heard more than they ever wanted to know about Arias and Alexander's personal intimate life! It's time to put the actual murder defendant on trial now - they have attempted to put Travis Alexander on trial in their attempts to muddy the water, and it's not only distasteful, it's disgusting and I hope it all backfires on them.  Does the defense team really believe their client? 

The trial resumes on Tuesday morning - Arias will have to answer the really tough questions next week, and I'll bet her attorneys are prepping her for the cross examination.  Good luck, you will need it!


  1. Just saw Gus Searcy on Judge Judy. He was being sued by his daughter

    1. Anonymous,
      Interesting! That guy seems like such a media hound, he probably paid his daughter to sue him so he could book another TV appearance! Thanks for posting!

    2. Lol, this Gus character is a smuck, pleading the fifth. What a chump.well there's one in every crowd. Anything to be in the spotlight. Gee Gus why don't you show us all your 100 000 $ ring.

  2. She later told the jury during their questioning that she only knew that "something bad had happened" ..but yet she called Gus at 3:15 on the 5th that Travis was DEAD, she was not in any FOG!

  3. I just became aware of this worm today. From the little I have seen, I can tell 3 things:

    He has gone out of his way to inject himself inbto this case, then pretended that he had "secret information" that the State wasn't interested in. This makes the State his enemy, in his eyes.

    He wants to be Jodi's savior (and we all know how Jodi rewards her men, even pathetic losers.

    He has an enlarged sense of self-importance and no one seems to recognize his majesty. He will go out of his way to try to influence the outcome, regardless of faxts/truth.

    A prosecutor could charge his sorry ass with obstruction of justice when this his over, but that would further Searcy's goal of grabbing more attention.

    The best thing is to just let him fade away into obscurity; and , if she is acquitted, make Jodi deal with a REAL psycho stalker.

    1. I agree with you. Also, it is easy to check phone records if he received a call at 3:15 am.

    2. Yup, you nailed that guy!!! What ppl will do to get their fifteen minutes....Gus searcy, you need to get a life & a real job...such an idiot. Did the judge make him come back after he spoke to hi imaginary lawyer? Dumbass.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. he is just another Dr. Samuals...a guy who fantizes about a Jodi. A tramp willing to give it up. As for Travis cussing her out and going back isn't that what victims of abuse do. Go back even though the relationship is unhealthy. I went back to my ex abuser time and again, but at the same time I was telling him I did hate him etc. but do to his persistence and threats it was better for me to know what and where he was than to wonder. Travis was clearly fed up with her at the end and discovered who and what she is but that doesn't mean during the ending of the relationship he wasn't a young guy with needs and she was more than willing to fulfill those needs. No doubt she was furious when she found out he could never present her as marriage material she was just out of his league and she killed him for that. He humiliated her and she slit his throat. As for these two old guys samuals and this man just another case of two old men who probably go to bed staring at this sluts nudie pics.

  6. Ok... so this is the story... as you all know by now Jodi has been convicted of murder. She has major issues, and now, then some. It will all be played out again in a made for TV movie. As for this "Searcy guy", yes, quite the clown. If he is as good as a magician as he claims to be, he should just make himself disappear forever.


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