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Ryan Burns Takes The Stand In The Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Testimony continued yesterday in the Jodi Arias murder trial. The jury heard from the newest man in Jodi Arias's life - Ryan Burns.  Arias met Burns at a Pre Paid Legal conference, where Burns had received a "Rising Star" award and the two began corresponding.  At the time, Arias was living in Yreka, CA while Burns lived in Utah.  After killing Travis Alexander in his Mesa, Arizona home on 6/4/08, Arias drove her rental car to visit Burns in Utah.  Arias maintains she killed Travis Alexander in self defense.  

Ryan Burns testimony provided crucial insight into Arias's state of mind just one day after the brutal murder. The jury heard from Burns that Jodi Arias arrived dressed in a long sleeved shirt despite the summer heat. He saw no major injuries on Arias, with the exception of some cuts on her hands. She told him the cuts were a result of breaking a glass. He testified that Arias never mentioned having seen Travis Alexander, let alone being in a "life or death" struggle with him. She arrived a day later than Burns expected. He reportedly called her several times around 6/4/08 - when he finally reached her, she told him she had gotten lost and pulled over to sleep.  

Knowing what he now knows about where Jodi Arias really was, and what she allegedly did to Alexander, he was "shocked" at her lack of effect. She kissed Burns "aggressively", and climbed on top of him at one point, but Burns stopped the advances before "any clothes came off".  He described Arias as "stronger than she looks", stating that despite her small stature, she knew how to handle herself.

Both Travis Alexander and Ryan Burns worked for Pre Paid Legal, and both men met Arias at conferences related to their work for the firm.  Although Burns knew Alexander professionally, the two weren't friends. He further testified that he believed that Arias and Alexander had ended their romantic relationship months prior to his death in June of 2008. 

Jurors also heard more testimony from the medical examiner, who described many of the stab wounds to victim Travis Alexander. More graphic crime scene photos were entered into evidence and shown to the jury.  Alexander's body lay undiscovered in the shower of his Mesa home until friends made the horrific discovery on June 9, 2008.  Friends became concerned when they were unable to reach Alexander for  several days. He was due to leave on a trip to Cancun, Mexico on June 10, 2008 with a woman he met through his Mormon church, Marie "Mimi" Hall.  

Testimony continues today.....

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