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Fireworks In The Courtroom - Jodi Arias Murder Trial Resumes

Fireworks erupted in the Phoenix, Arizona courtroom yesterday as Jodi Arias's attorneys made claims of "prosecutorial misconduct".  The scope of their claims are a mystery at this point, but their was an oddball witness named Gus Searcy called to the stand who sparred with Prosecutor Juan Martinez - twice he corrected Martinez's use of the English language which seemed to further infuriate Martinez.  Searcy repeatedly pointed out that Martinez's questions contained "double negatives", and he seemed to take pleasure in poking at the prosecutor.

I hope Jodi Arias was paying attention!  She got a preview of the fury she faces if she is brazen enough to take the stand and lie under oath.  Nobody really knows what this alleged prosecutorial misconduct is all about.  All I could make of Gus Searcy's trip to the witness stand is that he seems to be an arrogant man, who smiled and seemingly laughed at Prosecutor Martinez's questions - not wanting to answer directly, rather he seemed to want to control the questioning, prompting Martinez to tell him "you don't get to ask the questions here"!  Searcy was defiant at times and seemed pre-occupied with his cellphone?  I believe Searcy also works for Pre Paid Legal or he works closely with them and that is how he became involved with the Arias case.

Apparently Searcy had attempted to contact the prosecutor's office at some point over the last 4 1/2 years and was not called back.  This is what was reported yesterday, although that would not seem to constitute misconduct unless Searcy had some type of exculpatory evidence that would help Jodi Arias and the State knowingly witheld that information from the defense.   The defense team seems to be grasping at straws here.  They've made motions for dismissal and mistrials, both of which were denied.

The various news outlets covering the courtroom activity yesterday streamed headlines that seemed to imply there was a witness who had information that could either be very good for Arias or very bad for Arias.  Very confusing.  The misconduct issues will continue today.

Yesterday, Nancy Grace reported that Jodi Arias tried to get a plea deal with the State of Arizona, offering to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder in exchange for a "light" sentence.  I believe 2nd degree murder would only carry a sentence of 10-25 years in prison, the State declined to take her plea.  I don't know the timing of this reported plea offer by he defense, it wasn't clear by the information being reported yesterday.  Nancy Grace is in Arizona reporting for her show on HLN.  She toured the Estrella Jail facility where Arias has been held since her arrest in July, 2008. She spoke to some of the women who are in Arias's "pod", and many of those people reportedly believe Arias's claims of self defense.

The question on everyone's mind is will Jodi Arias take the stand? I'm sure Nancy Grace wants to be in that courtroom when the verdict is handed down! Expect it to be raining "bombshells" on verdict day with Nancy Grace in the house......

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