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The State of AZ vs. Jodi Arias - Opening Statements Slated For 1/2/13

Opening statements are slated for January 2, 2013 in Jodi Arias's murder trial.  Arias has been held on $2,000,000 bail in the Estrella Jail in Maricopa County since September 5, 2008 when she was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.  Alexander was found dead in his Mesa Arizona home on June 9, 2008.

According to recorded information provided on a Maricopa County jail hotline, court proceedings will begin at 10:30AM at the Superior Court, Criminal Division on W. Jefferson in Phoenix, AZ on January 2, 2013 where jurors will hear opening statements.  The trial has had numerous delays, changes in defense attorneys, and three differing accounts given by Arias of what happened to Travis Alexander that fateful night in June of 2008.

At one point, Arias wished to act as her own attorney - one of the defense attorneys appointed to the case asked to be taken off the case. His/her request was granted.  Arias's new attorney has a tough road ahead, given the changing stories given by their client, jailhouse interviews given by Arias and the physical left at the scene.

The story is tragic.  All murder cases are, however this one has all the makings for a full fledged media circus.  You have an attractive, petite young woman who doesn't look like most of us believe a killer would look like - a bright young man who was well liked and successful, a devout Mormon yet carrying on a physical relationship with the defendant.

Love, jealousy, religion and ultimately rejection made for a toxic combination for this relationship.  It ended in the worst way.  Although Travis's friends were concerned with the relationship almost immediately, nobody could have predicted things would have gone this far.  

The case made headlines initially in 2008 after being covered by shows such as Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace, however it's been on the back burner after more than 4 1/2 years of delays.  The trial has been referred to as "the Trial of 2013", and much like the Casey Anthony trial, I expect it will receive national coverage. It's certainly been a long time coming.  Travis Alexander's family and friends deserve to know what happened, and he deserves justice!

Arias has given three stories to law enforcement about her involvement in the murder.  The latest, and the defense she will present in trial is the "self defense" theory.  Stay tuned for updates!!

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